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49 Sewing Projects for Beginners

So you just got your hands on a new or hand-me-down sewing machine and you’re ready to go but not sure what to make?  I’ve got you covered.  Today I’m sharing 49 easy sewing projects for beginners.  All of these tutorials walk you through step by step with loads of pictures so it will be like I’m holding your hand the entire time.  You can do this!

1. Quick & Easy Burp Cloths

This is the ultimate sewing project for a beginner… Just sewing a few straight lines!

sewing projects2. Coastal Coasters

If you can make the burp cloths then you can make these for sure.  Same idea, just different shape.  These make a cute little housewarming gift.

sewing projects

3. Baby Bib Pattern

This looks a little more complicated but really it isn’t.  These make an impressive baby shower gift and really they are not much harder than making the burp cloths above.

sewing projects4. The Bigger & Better Baby Bib Pattern

It’s just like except I made it even easier by fattening it up a bit.

5. Easy Table Runner

A table runner is another one of those very simple projects where you only need to sew a few straight lines.

6. Throw Pillow Covers

I love this project because it is so much cheaper to make your own pillow covers and you can get EXACTLY what you want.

7. Baby Blanket

Blankets can sometimes be a little tricky because they are larger pieces but not baby blankets, and especially not this one.

8. Baby Blocks

Speaking of babies, these are a fun sew too!

9. Nursing Scarf

Infinity nursing scarves are great because they can be worn as a fashion accessory and then used as a nursing cover as well.  The fantastic thing is there is only one line of sewing for this whole project.

10. Cloth Napkins

You can whip up a set of these in no time at all and this is another one that makes for a fantastic housewarming gift.

11. Knot Headband

This simple knot-style headband has been popular for a few years now and is a very easy sew.

12. Contour Burp Cloth

This project is just as easy as the burp cloths above it’s just a different shape.

13. Easy DIY Poncho

This poncho has gone crazy on Pinterest and I think it’s because it’s just too easy not to try it.

14. Insulated Drink Cozy

This simple little project will keep your drinks cool all summer long.

15. Pencil Pouch

Zippers are nothing to be afraid of… you can do this!

16. Diaper Clutch

A clutch is even easier to make!  Use this one to organize a few diapering necessities.

17. Ruffled Bib

Once you make one of the basic bibs above you can make a whole bunch of variations like this ruffled one.

18. Heat Packs

These little packs can be cooled or heated to help with little aches and pains.

19. Super Friends Squares Blanket

Quilts are a lot of work.  Blankets like this are not.

20. Floppy Flower Headband

This one just takes a few minutes so it’s super easy to make some to coordinate with outfits.

21. T-shirt Dress

If you’re looking to dip your toes into knits for the first time this is a good project.

22. Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Simple and quick… perfect for holiday gifting.

23. The Rose Baby Dress

This was the first baby clothing item I ever made and it’s a pretty easy one that is super cute.

24. Fleece Earwarmer Headband

These are one of my favorite projects I have sewn because I get so much use out of them here in Ohio and they make a great use of scraps.

25. Easy Peasy Potholders

I made a couple of these as part of my gift for my grandmother a couple of Christmases ago and they have gone crazy on Pinterest.  I think it’s because it’s just such an easy project that’s super useful.

26. Hooded Baby Towel

If you’re looking to make a baby gift that’s a little different then this is the one for you.

27. Cuffed Christmas Stockings

If you can’t find stockings that you love then just make them.

28. Pillow Cases with Ties

Pillow cases are super simple to make and adding the cute little ties to these does not make them any harder.

29. Pom Pom Burp Cloths

These are nearly as easy as the burp cloths listed as #1 you just add in a little cute pom pom trim around the edges.

30. Super Simple Canvas Tote

This little tote bag is about as easy as a pillow case!  Make a couple for library books and groceries.

31. Easy Pocket Potholders

Who doesn’t love pockets?

32. Basic Headband

Use up some of your knit scraps for this.

33. Fabric Basket

Sew up some organization for your home.

34. Placemats

These are another one of those projects that are so simple because you’re basically sewing a couple of straight lines.

35. Two Thirds Baby Bib
This is just another spin on the basic baby bibs from above.  I love that this version really lends itself to using up some fabric scraps.

36. Bandana Baby Bib

Speaking of bib variations… this is such a popular one right now.  It’s just as easy as the other ones it’s just a different shape.

37. Flower Bib

And if all else fails you can always put a flower on it to spice things up.

38. Oven Mitt

Oven mitts are not quite as easy as potholders but they are still very easy in the grand scheme of things.


39. Skillet Handle Potholder

I think this would make a cute gift along with a cast iron skillet and a cookbook or some favorite recipes.

40. Dog Bandana

Dogs look cute in bandanas too.

41. The Cozy Cowl

This little project is a quick sew that will keep you nice and warm.

42. Half Contour Burp Cloth

It’s half curvy, half straight, and totally easy.

43. Tassel Pillow

This tassel pillow has got a lot going on but just because it’s got a lot of embellishment doesn’t mean it’s hard.

44. PJ/Lounge Pants

Making a comfy pair of lounge pants is easy and the awesome thing is the bagginess means you don’t have to worry about a precise fit.

45. Knotted Headband

I love the retro feel of these headbands and I love them even more because they are such an easy sewing project.

46. Simple & Chic Burp Cloths

These rag style burp cloths are super simple and very shabby-chic.

47. Little Laundry Bag

I use this little guy inside my gym bag and it’s such an easy project you’ll want to sew one up too.

48. 10 Minute Mug Rugs

You really can make up a couple of these mug rugs in less than 10 minutes.

49. Infinity Scarf

These are a quick sew and so versatile when you make them from different fabrics.

If you made it this far you are amazing!  I hope you enjoy all these easy sewing projects.  If you do make something please tell me all about it in the comments below!  Just jump in, try something, and don’t worry about making it perfect.  Happy sewing!


Shannon Molenburg

Thursday 15th of March 2018

I love ALL of these ideas!!! I appreciate anything that's for a beginner since I am one :)


Thursday 15th of March 2018

Thank you for your kind words and have fun with your new hobby!

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