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DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial That’s Quick & Easy

I love to make burp cloths as part of the gifts I give for baby showers.  Today I’m sharing with you all my diy burp cloth tutorial.  If you can sew even a little then you can do this.  It’s super simple to make your own burp cloths and quick too.  diy burp cloth tutorial- burp cloths laying on a table

I’ll hold your hand and take you through it step by step. You can watch the video below or you can read my step by step tutorial with pictures below if you prefer

DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial Video

DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial

1. Pick out some fabrics.  You can make burp cloths out of a variety of fabrics.  I like to make mine out of cotton prints on the front and I use terry cloth as my backing.  W

henever I make a set for someone I typically make three burp cloths using three coordinating fabrics.  Wash your fabrics.  Then iron them.

2. Cut out your fabric.  I keep it simple by making my burp cloths rectangles.  I cut my fabric into a 15.5 X 8.5 inch rectangle.

This means that my finished product will be about 15 X 8 inches.  To make things simple I use a template that I made and cut around the edges with my rotary cutter.

3. After I cut out the front fabric I pin it to the terry cloth backing face down.

diy burp cloth tutorial- lines showing where to sew around the edges

4. If the terrycloth is sticking out from under the quilting cotton then I cut out around the top piece so that they are the same size.

5. Now sew around the edge of the burp cloth, leaving a 1/4 inch around the edge.  Stop sewing about 3-4 inches from where you begin so that you have an opening with which to turn the burp cloth inside out.  When you begin and at the end you should back-stitch a little to make it stronger.

lines showing where not to sew around the edges

6. Clip the corners of the rectangle.  This will help the corners to look nicer once we turn it inside out.

showing where to clip the corners for the diy burp cloth tutorial

7. Turn the burp cloth inside out by pulling it through the hole that we left.  Use a pencil to push the corners of the burp cloth out.

the burp cloth turned right side out

8. Iron the burp cloth.  Then top stitch around the border of the burp cloth.

When you have finished, trim the strings and you are done.  Sometimes I like to top stitch a second time around the border to make it look a little more finished.

the burp cloth pressed the burp cloths after topstitching around the edges twice

the finished burp cloths made with this diy burp cloth tutorial

Did you like my DIY burp cloth tutorial?  Ready to make your own?  Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to help.

Want more burp cloths?  Check out my pom pom burp cloth tutorial, my contour burp cloth tutorial, or my half contour burp cloth tutorial.

Burp Cloths made with this DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial

Misty Nicole Overstreet-Roberts

Tuesday 18th of March 2014

What an awesome tutorial, as my husband and I are trying!

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Tuesday 18th of March 2014

Hi Misty! Thanks for stopping in. I'm checking out your site right now- loving the Christmas shopping series! You are on the ball. I'll definitely be subscribing as you have great content.


Friday 14th of March 2014

I like set 5!


Saturday 15th of March 2014

Thank you! Hopefully you saw that the giveaway closed on March 12th at midnight. Thanks for stopping in!

Sara Cunningham

Wednesday 12th of March 2014

I like set two. I would either save them for myself for a future child or give them to my next relative that has a baby.

Natalie S

Wednesday 12th of March 2014

These are adorable! I love set #1!


Wednesday 12th of March 2014

I love number 5 - so classy! It'd make a great gift for a friend who's expecting later this year :)

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