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Insulated Drink Cozy Tutorial

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make your own koozie

To me nothing says goodbye winter and hello spring quite like drinking a nice cold tea outside in the fresh air. We love other Snapple teas so my husband and I were very excited to try the new Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea varieties, Sorta Sweet Honey Green Tea and Rooibos.

make your own koozie

We enjoyed both the Sorta Sweet Honey Green Tea and the Rooibos. The Sweet Honey Green Tea was light and refreshing.  I’d never had Rooibos tea before but I liked it a lot.

To enhance enjoyment of our teas we took them outside to enjoy on our back deck.  After a busy day I love to sit down and have a relaxing chat with my husband while savoring a sweet treat.

To help keep our teas cool I made some insulated drink cozies and I’m sharing the step by step tutorial so that you can make your own koozie.

snapple 18

To make your own koozie you will need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric cut to 5 inches X 12 inches
  • 1 piece of Insul-Bright cut to 5 inches X 12 inches
  • Adhesive Velcro

snapple 4

Step 1: Wash, dry, and cut your fabrics to the specified lengths.

Step 2: Make a stack of your fabrics.  First put down the layer of Insul-Bright.  Then put the fabric you want on the outside of your cozy face up.  Then top those with the fabric you want to be on the inside face down.

snapple 3

Step 3: Pin the layers together.

snapple 5

Step 4: Next you are going to sew around the edges leaving a ¼ inch seam around the edge.  Begin sewing on one of the shorter (5 inch) sides.  Sew nearly all the way around but stop about 3 inches short of where you began.

snapple 6

Step 5: Cut the point off of each corner.  This will help the corners to look nicer once we turn it right side out.

snapple 7

Step 6: Turn the cozy right side out by pulling the insides through the hole you left.  Use something small like a pen or screw driver to push the corners in so that they are nice and straight.

snapple 8

Step 7: Pin the opening shut.  Sew around the edges leaving a ¼ inch seam.

snapple 9

Step 8: Attach Velcro to the inside of one side of the cozy.  Then put the other piece of Velcro on top of it.  Remove the film covering the sticky part.

Roll your cozy around a drink to where it is nice and tight and press down firmly to attach the Velcro.

snapple 10snapple 11snapple 12snapple 13snapple 14

Step 9: Enjoy your cold insulated beverage!  Let me know if you make your own koozie, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

snapple 15snapple 16

Sorta Sweet Honey Green Tea and Rooibos are available now.  I think they are perfect for sipping on warm evenings.

All the Straight Up™ Tea varieties are just as delicious as they are pretty.  You can find Straight Up™ Tea at Walmart for $1.

snapple 2

Have you tried the new Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea varieties?  Let me know what you think!  If you haven’t then pick one up the next time you are out.

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