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DIY Tassel Pillow

A few months ago I was inspired by all the tassels you see all over the place to make a tassel and trim pillow inspired by one I had seen on the Anthropologie website.  Today I’m sharing it with you as well as how to make your own DIY tassel pillow.  I’ve shared before how to make an easy pillow cover and this follows the same basic idea but in this tutorial I show you how to add in some decorative trims and tassels.

To make your own DIY Tassel Pillow you will need:

  • 1 yard linen fabric
  • 2 yards coordinating fringe trim
  • 1.5 yards decorative trim
  • 1 16 inch square pillow form
  • 1 yard tassel trim


  1. Cut the linen fabric into one 17 inch square, one 13 inch square, one 8 inch square, and two rectangle measuring 17 X 13.5 inches.
  2. Take your 8 inch square and fold the edges over ½ inch and press.  Do the same with your 13 inch square.
  3. Attach the tassel trim to the corners of your squares.
  4. Sew your 8 inch square onto the center of the 13 inch square.
  5. Then sew your 13 inch square onto the 17 inch square.
  6. Attach decorative trim onto the edge of your 13 inch square.
  7. Pin and sew your fringe around the edge of your 17 inch square with the fringe pointed toward the center.  You will sew about ½ inch from the edge.  Set your 17 inch square aside.
  8. Take your two rectangles for the back of the pillow.  On one end of each, fold the edge over ¼ inch and press.  Then fold it over another ¼ inch and press again.  Pin and sew across the folded edge.
  9. Now place your 17 inch square with the right side up.  Lay the two rectangles down on top of it with the right sides down.  They will overlap by a few inches. Pin and sew around the outside edges, sewing ½ inch from the edge.
  10. Clip the corners and turn the pillow case right side out.  Use a pencil or something small to poke out the corners.
  11. Insert your pillow form and you’re done!I originally share this project on  Fave Crafts is a sister site to, a source of major inspiration.  This year a couple of my tutorials were named on their Top 100 Sewing Patterns of 2017 so be sure to check out that list for some amazing projects.

Mary Martha Mama