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How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

I love infinity scarves and today I’m going to teach you how to sew an infinity scarf of your own.  They’re stylish, fun, and just plain easy to wear.  Infinity scarves are also easy to make so don’t be afraid even if you’re a beginner… you can do this!

To sew your own infinity scarf you will need:

  • 1 3/4 to 2 yards of fabric (this will make 2 scarves but you need this much to get the necessary length… do 1 3/4 if you want your scarf to be a little closer around the neck, 2 if you want it longer & looser)
  • coordinating thread
  • sewing machine (I use this one)
  • rotary cutting set or scissors

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

Step 1: Wash, dry, and iron your fabric (be sure to check your fabric care instructions to see if you should iron it and how to wash it).  Then cut your fabric in half, cutting it so that you have two pieces that measure 1 3/4 or 2 yards long by half of the width of your fabric.

Each one of these rectangles will make a scarf.

Step 2: Take one of the rectangles and fold the rectangle in half lengthwise, with the right sides together. Pin and sew along the open edge at the top but leave about a 4-5 inch opening unsewn somewhere near the end of one side but not all the way at the end. Sew about 1/2 inch from the edge.

Step 3: Take out the pins.  Now you have a tube.  Pull one end of the tube into the inside as though you are turning it right side out.  Don’t turn it all the way right side out, instead stop once you have pulled the one end to the other.

Line the two ends up together.  Pin them together and sew across, sewing around the entire top of your new tube.  Again, sew about 1/2 inch from the edge.

Step 4: Using the hole that you left in step 2 you will turn the scarf right side out by pulling all the fabric through the hole.

Step 5: Sew that hole shut.  If you want to be really neat, you can hand sew it with a blind stitch.  I just quickly sewed it up using my machine because my hole is near the other seam of the scarf so it will always be in the back.

Now your scarf is complete!

To wear it you stick your head inside the loop.

Then your cross the loop in front of you.

And then bring the bottom loop up around your neck.  Play around with it a little until it sits how you like.

I chose a flimsy, pink fabric because I want this to be a lighter-weight, headed into spring type scarf but you could use this same process to make a thicker scarf for colder weather.

So, do you feel like you learned how to sew an infinity scarf?  If you make one be sure to let me know all about it in the comments below!

Mary Martha Mama