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10 Minute Mug Rugs [Coasters]

Mug rug?  Coaster? If you don’t know what a mug rug is it’s basically a big coaster.  They are made bigger so that they can hold a mug full of a warm drink and maybe a snack like a cookie or scone.  I’m going to show you how to make one that’s so simple that you don’t even really need a mug rug pattern.  You just need to be able to cut out some squares.  So without further ado, here’s my mug rug tutorial.

mug rug pattern

To DIY your own set of 4 mug rugs you will need:

Tutorial so Simple You Don’t Need a Mug Rug Pattern

Step 1: Cut out 4 squares from the front fabric, the back fabric, and the insulated batting.  If you’re making just one mug rug then you will only need to cut out one square of each.  I used my 5 1/2 inch square quilt ruler to make things go quickly.

If you don’t have a quilt ruler then no big deal.  You can make a little square template in the size you want out of cardboard or cardstock instead.  You can totally change the size of these mug rugs or coasters to whatever you want them to be.

Step 2: Take one of the pieces of fabric and lay it down with the right side down.  Then place the piece of insulated batting on top.  Then add the other piece of fabric on top with the right side up.

Step 3: Pin the three pieces together.  Then sew all the way around the square, sewing 1/2 inch from the edge.

Don’t worry if things shift a little and your edges do not line up perfectly.  Life’s too short to worry about perfection.  But we will deal with that in the next step anyway.

Step 4: Take your pinking shears and trim around the edge on each side.  Then you’re done!  You made a mug rug and you didn’t even need a mug rug pattern.

And then you’re done!  Go grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and put it on your cute mug rug or coaster… whatever you want to call it.

Want to make a different type of mug rug/coaster?  I have another easy coaster tutorial for you.

mug rug pattern


Tuesday 6th of March 2018

Love these. Such a easy project. Making a couple of sets first thing tomorrow. Thank you for all of your crafty ideas.


Tuesday 6th of March 2018

Aw you’re welcome! Thanks for being so kind and have fun!

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