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How to Sew Coasters [The Easy Way]

I love using fabric scraps leftover from past projects and today I’m sharing a tutorial for how to sew coasters which is a great use of scraps.  I especially loved using these scraps because these prints from birch organic fabrics are some of my all-time favorites.

Sewing coasters is super easy if you follow this tutorial for how to sew coasters the easy way. This makes a great scrapbusting project.

To make your own coasters you will need:

How to Sew Coasters

Step 1: Wash, dry, and iron your woven cotton fabric.  If you’re using scraps then you’re already ahead of the game.  Then cut the fabric into 5.5 inch squares.

For each coaster you will need 2 squares from the woven cotton fabric- one for the front and one for the back.  You also need to cut out one 5.5 inch square from the insulated batting. 

I made the cutting super quick by using my 5.5 inch quilting square and rotary cutting set.

cutting out the fabric
the materials cut out

Step 2: Lay down one of the pieces of the woven cotton fabric, with the right side up.  Then lay the other piece of woven cotton fabric down with the right side down.  Finally top it with the piece of insulated batting.

the square fabric
fabric face down
insulated batting on top

Step 3: Pin the three pieces together.  Then sew around the stack, sewing 1/2 inch from the edge BUT leave an opening of a couple of inches on one side.

lines showing where to sew around the stack

Step 4: Trim the corners.

corners clipped

Step 5: Use the hole to turn the coaster right side out.  The two woven cotton squares should be on the outside and the insulated batting should be on the inside.  Press the coaster nice and flat with your iron.

coasters turned right side out

Step 6: Topstitch around the edge of the coaster.  I topstitched around the edge two times, once at 1/4 from the edge and a second time at 1/2 inch from the edge. 

This helps close up that hole you left open in the one side and it makes it nice and pretty.

lines showing where to sew around the edges

Now you’re done!  Go make a nice cup of tea and plop it down on your new coaster.

how to sew coasters

Want more sewing?  Check out my page of sewing tutorials.

How to Sew Coasters Tutorial


Monday 12th of June 2017

Easy and fun!!! I love making things from scraps.


Monday 12th of June 2017

Me too! Anything to use up the pretty scraps.


Tuesday 30th of May 2017

First I must say I love the name you have chosen!! Mary Martha mama!! How fitting this is to most Mom's & Grandmoms!! While my children are now grown, with families of their own, I can relate to the issues Mom's of today face. I have 2 daughters, and 10 grand kids!! These cute coasters are just what I've been looking for to use up some scraps, pieces of fabric I couldn't live without, yes I'm a fabric addict!! Thank you Cat for sharing.. Dot (aka Mammie)


Wednesday 31st of May 2017

Aw, thank you Dot! Your words are very kind. Have fun sewing!


Monday 22nd of May 2017

Thanks for the quick and easy idea to use up smaller squares since I was just about to make pot holders with a different material, I now can grab out the smaller squares that you look at and wonder.... LOL!


Monday 22nd of May 2017

Isn't using scraps up the best? Have fun!

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