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DIY Diaper Clutch

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diy diaper clutchPotty training can seem daunting and scary.  I think that anything to help make it easier or more fun for families is a good thing!  This morning I want to share how to make a DIY diaper clutch to keep Pull-Ups® and wipes in. The clutch makes it easy to grab what you need out of your purse or diaper bag.  It’s perfect for when your little one needs to run to the potty!

diy diaper clutchTo make this DIY Diaper Clutch you will need:

  • 1/2 yard of fabric for the outside
  • 1/2 yard of fabric for the lining
  • 1/2 yard of interfacing
  • D ring for wrist strap
  • swivel hook for wrist strap
  • stick-on velcro

DIY Diaper Clutch Tutorial

Step 1: Wash, dry, iron, and cut your fabric.  You will need to make the following cuts-

  • outside fabric- 21 in X 13 in,
  • lining fabric- 21 in X 13 in, 2.5 in X 13 in, 2.5 in X 3 in, 2 in X 32 in
  • interfacing fabric- 21 in X 13 in, 2.5 in X 13 in, 2.5 in X 3 in

>wristlet clutch tutorial fabrics and suppliesStep 2: Make the long and short wrist straps.  First lay the 2 in X 13 in piece of interfacing down and lay the 2 X 13 in piece of lining fabric on top of it, with the right side up.  Do the same with the 2 X 3 in pieces of interfacing and lining fabric.

wristlet clutch tutorial 2Fold the fabric and interfacing in half lengthwise.  Pin and sew along the open side, sewing about 1/4 in from the edge.  Do this for both the long strip and the short one.wristlet clutch tutorial 3wristlet clutch tutorial 4Turn the strips right side out.  This will be a little tough since they are so thin but using a corner turner or something like the paintbrush I used.  Then iron both pieces so that they are nice and flat. wristlet clutch tutorial 5Step 3:  Loop the long strip through the swivel hook.  Pin and then sew the one end shut.

wristlet clutch tutorial 6Flip the loop so that the sewn edges are on the inside of the loop and slide the swivel hook down to the end with the sewn edges.wristlet clutch tutorial 7Pin the loop down nice and flat.  Sew across the loop so that the swivel hook stays at that end of the wrist strap.wristlet clutch tutorial 8Step 4: Now lay down the 13 in X 21 in pieces.  Put the lining down right side up, then lay the outside fabric right side down, then the interfacing.

wristlet clutch tutorial 9Slide the small loop through the D-ring and insert it into the pile.  Put it between the lining and the outer fabric, about 13 inches up from the bottom on one of the long sides.  Pin all around the edges and sew most of the way around sewing about 1/2 in from the edge.  Stop short of sewing all the way around to leave a hole of like 5-6 inches.  Do this on one of the longer sides near the bottom.

wristlet clutch tutorial 10wristlet clutch tutorial 11

wristlet clutch tutorial 13Step 5: Clip the corners.  Then turn then use the hole to turn the clutch right side out.  Use something like a corner turner or the end of a paint brush to push the corners out nice and straight.  Iron it nice and flat.

wristlet clutch tutorial 14Step 6: Fold the bottom up so that the bottom pocket measures about 6.5 inches.

wristlet clutch tutorial 15Step 7: Pin and sew around the edges of both the pocket area and the top.  Do not sew along the fold at the bottom.  Sew about 1/4 in from the edge.

wristlet clutch tutorial 16wristlet clutch tutorial 17Step 8: Cut about 2 inches of velcro.  Stick it onto one side of the clutch.  Put the opposing piece on top of it.  Take off the strip that covers the adhesive and then close the clutch so that the other part of the velcro is now stuck on too.

wristlet clutch tutorial 20wristlet clutch tutorial 21wristlet clutch tutorial 19Step 9: For fun I wanted to add on a fabric flower.  To make a flower tie a knot in one end of the 2 in X 32 in strip.  The twist and wrap the fabric around that knot.  Use dabs of hot glue to secure the fabric together as a flower.  Then hot glue the fabric flower onto the diy diaper clutch.wristlet clutch tutorial 22wristlet clutch detailswristlet clutch from the sideAnd that’s it!  The diy diaper clutch is the perfect size for a couple of Pull-Ups® and a small package of wipes.  I filled mine with Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® Pixar’s Cars Lightning McQueen training pants.  My son loves the “race car”, as he calls it.  I love the easy open sides that don’t tear and how stretchy they are.

diaper clutch tutorial

pull ups on a tableI got the Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® for $8.97 while shopping at Walmart.  Walmart has everything you and your baby need especially when you begin your potty training journey. Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® are soft, comfortable, and more absorbent than previous Pull-Ups® training pants.  There is 10% more coverage for better protection and fit.

pull ups 2 pull ups in storeOne of my friends is about to begin the journey of potty training her daughter soon so I made her a clutch as well.  The girls’ Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® feature Disney’s Doc McStuffins.

wristlet clutch/diaper clutch clutches made with the wristlet clutch tutorial clutches made with the wristlet clutch tutorial Right now Pull-Ups® has some great resources for helping you and your child.  You can even see what kind of character your kid is when it comes to potty training.

My son is a bear.  He’s very predictable and easy going.  One thing we are working on is remembering to wash our hands well.  I find this poster a great visual reminder and we have fun singing together to ensure that we wash long enough.

hand washing graphicAre you potty training now?  Or getting ready to?   Be sure to check out all the great potty training resources from Pull-Ups and learn more about Pull-Ups® Learning Designs® available at Walmart®!

Mary Martha Mama