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Pencil Pouch Tutorial

For my sister’s birthday I got her a Harry Potter coloring book and some colored pencils.  She travels a lot and I thought it might be a fun distraction for her when she’s flying or on layovers.  She texted me a picture of her coloring and I thought “She needs a pencil pouch!”.  So I decided to make her one and I’m sharing all the details of my pencil pouch tutorial with you.

pencil pouch tutorial

Supplies Needed

  • 3 rectangles of outside fabric (6.5 in X 10 in, 4.5 in X 10 in, and 2.5 in X 10 in)
  • 3 rectangles of lining fabric (6.5 in X 10 in, 4.5 in X 10 in, and 2.5 in X 10 in)
  • 3 rectangles of interfacing (6.5 in X 10 in, 4.5 in X 10 in, and 2.5 in X 10 in)
  • 9 inch long zipper
  • sewing machine, needle, thread
fabric pieces cut and laid out for the pencil pouch tutorial

Before you get started set your kids up with something fun to do.  My kids like to work with play-doh when I sew.

playdough on the table

Pencil Pouch Tutorial

Step 1: Wash, dry, iron, and cut your fabrics.  Cut your interfacing.

Step 2: You’re going to make a stack of the smallest rectangles.  First put down the interfacing.  Then put the outside fabric on top of that with the right side of the fabric facing up. 

Then put the zipper on top of that but be sure to put it facing down.  (*Pay attention to which side you put the zipper head on.  Technically I put mine on backwards.  Instead of being on the left when closed mine is on the right.  I don’t really care but you might!)

the pinning and sewing steps for the pencil pouch tutorial

Then put the lining fabric on top with the right side facing down.  Pin them all in place and the sew using your zipper foot to get as close to the zipper as possible. 

If you don’t have a zipper foot then don’t sweat it, just get as close as you can.  A little more of the zipper will show but really that’s why you bought a cute zipper anyway.

Here’s what it looks like once you get them all sewn together and take out the pins:

the zipper attached

Step 3: Press your fabric sandwich so that your outside fabric is showing and your lining is behind.

everything folded and pressed

Step 4: Now you are going to make a second fabric sandwich out of the 4.5 inch X 10 inch rectangles. Start with the lining fabric and place it down with the right side up. 

Then put the zipper on top of it with the right side up.  Next add the outside fabric with the right side facing down.  Pay attention to which way your fabric’s pattern is going so that you don’t accidentally put this piece on upside down (if it matters). Lastly put the interfacing on top of the pile.

the second stack you make

Step 5: Pin and sew along the zipper.  Press your stack so that outside pieces lay nice and flat with all the others beneath.

the front of the pouch assembled

Step 6: Open up the zipper part way.

zipper opened

Step 7: Lay the 6.5 in X 10 inch rectangle on top of the front of your pouch.  Then lay the large piece of interfacing on top of it.  And finish by putting the large lining piece on top with the right side up.

both sides put together
the interfacing on top
then the fabric

Step 8: Pin and sew along the edges a 1/2 in from the edge.  Be careful not the sew into the zip stop.  You can see where I bumped into it on the right side of the picture below and I had to work around it.

everything sewn together

Step 9: Clip the corners and trim the edges a little.  This will help you when you turn the bag right side out.

corners trimmed

Step 10: Turn the bag right side out.  Use a turning tool or the edge of a pencil to help push the corners out nicely.  Iron the pencil pouch to get out any wrinkles from turning.

opening it up
the pencil pouch turned right side out after being made following the pencil pouch tutorial
pencil pouch with pencils made with my diy pencil pouch tutorial

And that’s the pencil pouch tutorial!  Stuff some pencils in and you’re done.  I think I’m going to have to make a fun one of these for my son for when school starts in the fall.

DIY Pencil Pouch Tutorial
Mary Martha Mama