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Show and Tell Ideas: Huge List of 400+ Ideas for A-Z

Need some show and tell ideas?  Stuck on what to have your child bring in for show and tell letter i?  Or y?  Or You’ve come to the right place.

Does your preschooler have a letter of the week show and tell? Need ideas for some of those letters? I've got over 500 show and tell ideas from A to Z.

We are only a few weeks away from my son finishing preschool and he has had a wonderful year.  His teachers are fantastic and he is in love with school.

One thing that defined our year was Show and Tell.  Every Thursday up until Spring Break my son had to bring in an item that began with the letter of the week.

Some weeks it was easy for him to think of show and tell ideas for what he wanted to bring in and other weeks not so much.  So I thought I’d share some letter of the week show and tell ideas with you while they are still fresh in case you’re in a similar situation and you need to help your child think of something.

Also, my #1 tip for Show & Tell:

Set a reminder on your phone for the night before so that you remember to have your child pick something and put it in his or her bookbag!

show and tell alarm

Because you don’t want to be me, the mom who forgot until we were in the car drop off line and then had to dig around in the car until we found something!

General Show and Tell Ideas: If you get stuck try to think of toys your child has, play food they might have in their toy kitchen, animals, or favorite characters that they might have an action figure or stuffed animal of.

Here are some letter of the week show and tell ideas for each letter to get you going and hopefully help you think of something:

Show and Tell Ideas for Each Letter:

A- apple, airplane, ant, picture of an aunt, anteater, aardvark, alligator, alphabet blocks, antelope, ax, apron, astronaut, acorn, antlers (like the Reindeer antlers on a headband sold at Christmas time), Ariel (from the little Mermaid), Abu (from Aladdin), Aladdin, Aquaman, Captain America, Anna (from Frozen), avocado, Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty), animal crackers, angel, artwork (my son loves to take in pictures that he has drawn to show off), ape

B- Batman, baby, ball, basketball, baseball, book, broom, basket, bank (piggy bank), bat, bear, bubblegum, Barbie, banana, blueberries, bowl, brush, picture of brother, bandana, ballerina, boat, Bambi, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Beast, Barnacles (from Octonauts), Baloo (from The Jungle Book), balloon, bubbles, blocks, bracelet

C- car, cat, crab, computer, cellphone, corn on the cob, carrot, cheese, celery, cereal, cantaloupe, cookies, crayons, chewing gum, picture of cousin, cowboy/cowgirl, cannon, camera, Cinderella, Captain America, Captain Barnacles (from Octonauts) Captain Hook, Chip (Chip and Dale), card, crown, caterpillar, cowboy/cowgirl (like Woody of Jessie from Toy Story), cape, coloring book, camera

D- dinosaur, dog, duck, donut, dragon, dumptruck, digger, doll, doctor kit, drill, picture of dad, dollar, dime, Doc McStuffins, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Dale (from Chip and Dale), Dora the Explorer, Daniel Tiger, DVD, diaper, daisy, daffodil, dice, Duplos

E- Easter egg, elephant, eggplant, elf, ear (from Mr. Potato Head toy), eraser, engine (toy train), Eeyore, Elsa (from Frozen), envelope, earrings, Elmo, Etch-a-Sketch, elk, eagle, eel, eclair, earmuffs, Elena of Avalor, earth

F- flashlight, frog, fox, flamingo, picture of family, fruit, fly, fork, flower, fairy, farmer, fiddle, Flynn Rider (from Tangled), fig, fawn, friendship bracelet, picture of a friend, fidget spinner, football, firetruck, Dr. Seuss’s The Foot Book, flag, frisbee, fan, Frozen DVD or toys

G- guitar, ghost, gumball, gear, picture of grandparents, giraffe, goose, gazelle, gorilla, Goofy, game, gummy bears/worms, glasses, gloves, glow stick, glow worm, Grover (from Sesame Street), goat, grapes, gator

H- hippo, helicopter, horse, Hello Kitty, hairbrush, helmet, hat, heart, honey, hamburger, hard hat, hula hoop, hopper ball, hero, highlighter, house, Hot Wheels car, the Hulk, Hei Hei (from Moana), hair bow

I- insect, inchworm, iguana, ice cream, ice cream scoop, igloo, ice (from Don’t Break the Ice game), inkpen, icepack, infant (baby doll), Incredibles toys (from the movie The Incredibles/The Incredibles 2), illustration (have him or her draw something and bring it in!), iris, instrument, bar of Ivory soap

J- Jack-in-the-box, jet, jaguar, jackrabbit, jump rope, jacks, jigsaw puzzle, jewelry, jewels, jeans, jelly beans, jar, jingle bells, juice, jello, Jasmine (from Aladdin), Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates), jelly, jersey of a favorite team or a team they are on, jeep (look through all the toy cars for one)

K- Krispy Kreme, king, knight, kitten, kangaroo, koala, kite, key, keychain, ketchup, Kristoff (from Frozen) Kawzii (from Octonauts), kale chips, kilt, kaleidoscope, kazoo, Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh), karate belt

L- legs, lips (from Mr. Potato Head), lamp, leprechaun, leopard, lion, lemming, lemon, lime, lollipop, Legos, letter, leaf, Lalaloopsy, Little People, Larry (from VeggieTales), Lady (from Lady and the Tramp), Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch), lamb, letter

M- mouse, monkey, moose, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, mints, mini-figure (Legos), picture of mom, mountain, mustache, mouth (from Mr. Potato Head), monster, money, magnet, marble, muffin, mittens, mask, kid’s microphone, mirror, minions (from Despicable Me), Mufasa (from The Lion King), Mulan, Merida (from Brave), medal, marker, map, magazine, mail, movie, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head

N- napkin, nurse, necklace, necktie, nametag, nightlight, name (something with your child’s name on it), ninja, nutcracker, nickel, number (from puzzles, magnets), noodle, newspaper, net, nose (from Mr. Potato Head), Nevada, New York, North Carolina, New Mexico, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nebraska (something with the state on it like a shirt or map, etc.), nativity (we have a cute little people nativity set), note from a loved one, notebook, Nana (picture of grandmother if your kiddo calls her Nana)

O- octopus, owl, origami, oatmeal, orca, Octonauts, Optimus Prime, Olaf (from Frozen), ornament (favorite Christmas tree ornament or baby’s first ornament?), orchid, olive, orange, onion (we have one in our play kitchen food set, or you could send in a real one), origami, oval, Olivia the Pig books, Ohio, Oregon, or Oklahoma (map, flag, team wear), okra, oyster shell, ox

P- panda, panther, penguin, polar bear, porcupine, pig, puppy, present, pencil, pan, pot, porridge, pancake, pineapple, pie, pipecleaner, picture, penny, princess, police, police car, pirate, pirate ship, Pillow Pet, Pete the Cat (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), Pinocchio, eppa Pig, pebble, piggy bank, Paw Patrol

Q- queen, quarter, quilt, quail, quart (quart of cream, juice, etc from toy food set), Q-tip, Queen Miranda (from Sofia the First), quill, quarterback (maybe you have a toy football player or a football card of a quarterback?), Quaker Oats, quinoa, quote (maybe something with a famous or favorite quote on it?), quince, question mark (draw a picture of one and have your child color it in), quartz (maybe you have a rock collection?)

R- rainbow, ribbon, robot, rice, raisin, rat, raccoon, rabbit, reindeer, rhino, rose, rock, race car, Robin (Batman’s sidekick), Rapunzel (from Tangled), Robin Hood, Rex (from Toy Story), Roo (from Winnie the Pooh), Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh), R2D2 (from Star Wars), rocket, ring, radio, rope, roller skates

S- super hero, sponge, sock, snake, snail, seahorse, sea lion, sheep, skunk, sloth, squid, squirrel, sea star, swan, shoe, star, picture of sister, submarine, sunflower, seashell, sunglasses, soccer ball, Sponge Bob, Superman, Spiderman, Sofia (from Sophia the First), Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), Snoopy (from Charlie Brown), spoon, scarf, stickers, shells, Smiley Face (like all the emoji smiley face stickers, pillows, shirts, etc that they have now)

T- train, truck, turtle, tiger, turkey, toothbrush, tomato, teddy bear, tiara, tea cup, tools, timer, telephone, T-Rex, Thomas the Train, Timon (from The Lion King), Tinker Bell, Trixie (from Toy Story), Princess Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog), Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh), Toy Story DVD, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltles, turtleneck, trumpet (maybe you have a toy trumpet?), tape measure (from a toy tool set), tutu, toy (any toy!), Tickle-Me-Elmo (not sure if they still make these but maybe you’ve got one in the attic), tennis ball, trophy, tie-dye shirt, tie (bow tie or knecktie), TIE fighter (from Star Wars), Tinker Toys (old, I know, but we have some), tape (maybe you have some fun washi tape or a cool roll of duct tape?)

U- umbrella, unicorn, uniform, picture of uncle,  ukulele, Ursula (from The Little Mermaid), umpire, DVD of the movie Up, Ugg boots, United States (map or atlas that shows the U.S. map), underwear (Captain Underpants or Bear in Underwear book), undershirt, unicycle, utensil (eating utensil like fork or spoon, or writing utensil like pen or pencil), universe (picture of the planets and stars), urchin (sea urchin), utility belt (Batman’s utility belt), University of… (college shirt for any university), ultrasound, UNO card game (my kids love UNO!)

V- villain, vulture, valentine, volcano, vegetables, violin, volleyball, violet, Vanellope Von Schweetz (from Wreck-it-Ralph), Violet Parr (from the Incredibles), vest, vacuum, vehicle, van, vampire, visor, viewmaster, VHS tape, vacation (a picture of your kiddo on a family vacation), vanilla (vanilla ice cream or cupcake from a play food set)

W- waffle, wallet, wand, watch, whistle, wig, wings, worm, whale, walrus, wart hog, water buffalo, wolf, woodpecker, woolly mammoth, Winnie the Pooh, water bottle, Woody from Toy Story, Wreck-it-Ralph, Where’s Waldo? book

X- xylophone, X-ray (we have a toy one that came with our Critter Clinic), pirate map with X to mark the spot for the treasure, X cookie cutter, X from alphabet puzzle, X alphabet block, X letter magnet, xerox paper, something with the X-men on it, or an X-men action figure, xiaosaurus dinosaur (we have a picture of one in a book we have about dinosaurs)… Your child’s teacher may also be ok with something that just has an X in it like fox, box, axe, or taxi

Y- yak, yo-yo, yarn, year book, yoga mat, yoga DVD, Yogi Bear, yogurt (check your kid’s play food set for this or send in an empty, cleaned yogurt cup), yam (same thing, check the play food for this one), yard stick, yacht, Yoshi, Yankees (anything related to Yankees baseball… cap, baseball card, etc.), Yukon Cornelius (from Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Z- zebra, zookeeper, zoo, zoo animal, zucchini, zipper, Ziplock, ziti pasta, Zurg (from Toy Story), Zazu (from the Lion King), Letter Z magnet, Zane (from Ninjago)

More Fun with Letters

I have free printable letter tracing worksheets on my Printables Page along with a whole bunch of other free printables for kids.

letter tracing worksheets
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