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Oven Mitt Pattern & Tutorial

The other day I used my oven mitt to take a pan out of the oven and I got burned.  There’s an area on the thumb part of my mitt that has been worn down and no longer has the insulating material on it.  Clearly it was time to make an new oven mitt and I’m sharing my oven mitt pattern and tutorial with you.

oven mitt pattern

AND tomorrow I’m hoping to have a Youtube video of this tutorial up, so be sure to look for that post.

To make your own oven mitt here’s what you will need:

Step 1: Wash, dry, and iron your cotton fabric.  Then print out the oven mitt pattern.  When printed correctly the mitt should measure about 9.5 inches from top to bottom.

For each layer you will need to cut out 2 of the mitt pattern BUT you need to cut one with the thumb going to the left and one with the thumb going to the right.  Cut out 2 from the batting, outside fabric, and lining fabric.

the fabric cut out of the printable oven mit pattern

all of the fabrics cut out

Step 2: You’re going to make the stack of pieces that make the outside of the oven mitt.  First lay down 1 layer of the insulated batting.  Then lay one of the outside fabric pieces on top of it, with the right side up.

Next add the other outside fabric piece on top, this time with the right side down.  Then add the other batting piece on top.  Pin these all together.

the order of the fabric stack

Step 3: Sew around the edge of the mitt, sewing about 1/2 inch from the edge but leave the bottom open.  Then trim the edges close to the seam and cut notches into the curve between the main part and the thumb.  Turn it right side out.

the stack of fabric sewn around the edges

the edges trimmed

the mit turned right side out

Step 4: Pin the two pieces of the lining together with the right sides together.  Sew 1/2 inch from the edge, but leave an opening of a couple inches on one side of the mitt.

the lining pieces sewn together and the opening shown

Step 5: Put the outside part of the mitt inside the lining.  Pin and sew around the area where you put your hand in.  Keep in mind that you need this to be an opening for your hand so don’t sew it shut- just sew the lining to the outside of the mitt.

This is a little bit difficult so be careful to keep the front and back of the mitt separate when sewing.

the mitt put inside the lining and lined up with a line showing where to sew


Step 6: Pull the outside part of the mitt through the hole in the lining in order to turn it right side out.  Then sew the hole in the lining shut.

the lining opening sewn shut

Step 7: Push the lining into the inside of the oven mitt.  Pin and sew around the bottom opening, sewing about 1/4 inch from the edge.

line showing where to sew along the bottom

And you’re done!

the finished oven mitt sewn with the oven mitt pattern and tutorial

Now go bake some cookies!  Or roast some vegetables.  Whatever floats your boat.

oven mitt pattern and tutorial

Mary Martha Mama