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Honest Stitch Fix Review: Fix #1 May 2017

Hello!  Today I’m sharing my Stitch Fix review with you all!  I got my first Stitch Fix recently.  In case you’ve not heard of it before, Stitch Fix is an online styling service.  You fill out a style profile and decided how often you’d like to receive a Fix.  Then a stylist will put together a Fix, a box with 5 items in it.

The items can be clothes, jewelry, or shoes- whatever you tell them you want.  They charge you a $20 styling fee when you Fix ships.  Once you get your Fix you try on the items, then decide what you want to keep.  The $20 styling fee is applied toward any items that you decide to purchase.  You send the items you do not want back in an envelope that they provide you.

So… why did I decide to do this?  I have been having a really hard time finding clothing lately.  A few weeks ago I went shopping all over the place and was not able to find anything.  I gained some weight last year and I’ve been taking it off again and so I’m between sizes and not finding what looks good on me right now.  So I wanted to see if someone else could find some things for me.  I liked filling out my style profile and essentially saying “Here, find this!”.

I also made a Pinterest board for my stylist, as suggested, and pinned a whole bunch of clothing and outfits to it.  I requested all clothing (no shoes, no jewelry) because I need clothes right now.  And I’m sure that I’m a bit of a challenge to style because of my sizing issues and the fact that I like to dress more modestly.  It’s hard to find modest dresses for my 5’9″ body.

My Stitch Fix Review

I’m sharing this all with you in the hope that it will help you decide if maybe Stitch Fix is or isn’t right for you.  Prepare yourself for some awkward photos.  A model, I am not.  But I know I looked through countless reviews before deciding to sign up and it helped me decide.  Spoiler Alert: It didn’t work out for me.

I had read before hand that you could peek at your fix before it shipped and being super excited about it, I did.  And that’s where my excitement for this whole thing ended.  My 5 items looked nothing like my Pinterest board. NOTHING.  Ok, so maybe there was one pair of jeans and I have jeans on my board but those jeans were $88.  I know Stitch Fix is not cheap and good jeans can cost some money but I had chosen “the cheaper, the better” as my price range.  They make the statement that each item in a fix averages $55.  The 5 items in my box came to $282, making each item in my box $56.40.  Having my items cost more than the average is not “the cheaper, the better” in my eyes.  Especially when $50-100 is the next category up.

So that you can see what I mean by the items not matching my Pinterest board or style profile here is what they sent me in my first Fix: (by the way, I did not bother with smiling, makeup, or hair)

[One] Gilli Gary 2fer Knit Dress $58

stitch fix review

stitch fix review dress from the side

I specified in my profile that dresses and skirts need to come to my knee or below.  This doesn’t.  It hits like 4 inches above my knee.  And yes, they know that I’m 5’9″ with a long torso.  It’s also unflattering.  And it’s a polyester/spandex dress for $58.  I will gladly pay that and more if a dress is nice, flattering, pretty, well made- this is none of those things.

[Two] Baptiste Keyhole Knit Halter Top $44

halter top and jeans

halter top from the side

Sorry for the blurry photo.  I just took them quickly with my timer and didn’t review them.  I just didn’t care enough.  See through.  I also said no strapless and this is practically strapless.  And there are no shirts with tiny spaghetti straps like this on my pinterest board so why did they send 2?

[Three] Adorra Skinny Jean $88

How is $88 “the cheaper the better”?  Way too long.  So long they bunched up at calves.  A little too tight.  Cheap denim.  They’re the jeans in all the pictures on this post.

[Four] Leydon Halter Top $44

the other tank top

Again, skinny spagheti straps.  And this one fit poorly.  It was very loose in the arm holes but tight at the waist.  And it had this hideous paisly print all over it.  I had very few prints on my Pinterest board, mostly solids with great detailing.  Nothing like this.

[Five] Shiba Swing Knit Top $44

a third tank top from the side

So big it hung down in from making it immodest at neckline.  For this picture I pushed it back at the neckline but it kept slipping down.  Ugly print.  Smelly synthetic fabric.  Again, I had very few prints on my Pinterest board, mostly solids with great detailing.  Nothing like this.

I feel like my stylist did not look at my pinterest board or listen to my preferences.  In a note that came in my Fix she did say that she thought I would like the jeans because they looked like some I had pinned.  But clearly she didn’t really pay attention because none of the jeans I pinned are like 6 inches too long and bunched up at the bottom.  And all the shirts and dresses are much more conservative.

Overall, I’m disappointed.  I am sending all of these items back.  I’ve seen other people have great fixes and so I’m sure it works well for others but it did not work for me.  I will not be trying again.

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  Did you like it?  Please feel free to share your comments below as it might help someone considering trying it.

UPDATE: I cancelled my next Fix and Stitch Fix did reach out to me, apologized for the Fix missing the mark, and offered to waive the $20 styling fee for my next Fix.  I think that is very nice of them but I just don’t think I want to try again at this time.  I’ll let you know if I change my mind.  But for now, I’m trying to just set aside more time to regularly go out and shop for clothes for myself.

my honest stitch fix review

Pam Thurs

Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Yes I agree on all accounts! I really felt the quality of the clothes was poor compared to the pricing. I too said I wanted the cheaper the better...ahh why else would have someone do the work for me? The 3 day return thing was a negative too. Thanks for posting! My friend gave me a $150.00 gift card and after returning 2 fixes they too waived the stylist fee but what arrived was as bad as the other fixes. So choose a couple of items to finish up was left on the card and said .. All done! They do have excellent customer service but try wearing that to your next party.


Tuesday 20th of June 2017

I'm sorry you had a not so great experience too. I And you are right, customer service is good!

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