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Show and Tell Letter U | 52 Ideas for Preschool + Kindergarten

Good morning!  I am continuing on with my series of letter of the week show and tell ideas with my list of 52 show and tell letter U ideas. As a teacher and mom I have loads of show and tell experience that I hope to share with you all!

show and tell letter u

Show and Tell Tips from a Teacher and Mom

  • Look through your kid’s stuffed animals and action figures.  Sometimes you can find a character whose name starts with the letter that you need.
  • Look through your child’s books.  You might find a book with a title that begins with the letter that you need
  • When all else fails have your kiddo take in an alphabet block with the letter on it or a an alphabet letter magnet.
  • My son once took in a picture that he colored from a coloring book.  The picture was of something that started with the letter of the week and he loved showing off his artwork during share time.

And this won’t help you think of anything but this last tip will help keep you out of a bind- 

My #1 Show and Tell Tip

Set a reminder on your phone for the night before show and tell. 

alarm for show and tell letter U

That way you won’t forget and scramble to find something in your car while you wait in the drop off line for school.  Yes, yes that did happen to me.  Don’t be me.  You’re better than that!

Show and Tell Letter U Ideas

  1. umbrella
  2. unicorn
  3. uniform (sports uniform, school uniform, police uniform)
  4. Unikitty from the Lego Movies
  5. ukulele
  6. Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)
  7. umpire
  8. DVD of the movie Up
  9. Ugg boots
  10. United States (map or atlas that shows the U.S. map)
  11. United Kingdom (map or atlas that shows the U.S. map)
  12. Utah (map, postcard, etc.)
  13. underwear (Captain Underpants )
  14. Bear in Underwear book
  15. unicycle
  16. utensil (eating utensil like fork or spoon, or writing utensil like pen or pencil)
  17. universe (picture of the planets and stars)
  18. urchin (sea urchin)
  19. utility belt (Batman’s utility belt)
  20. University of… (college shirt for any university)
  21. ultrasound
  22. UNO card game (my kids love UNO!)
  23. Ultron (from Transformers)
  24. Uncle Scrooge from Duck Tales
  25. Uncle Donald from Duck Tales
  26. Team Umizoomi action figures
  27. UFO
  28. Ugly Dolls
  29. undershirt
  30. upside down cake
  31. picture of an uncle
  32. universe (solar system model or picture from book)
  33. Uncle Wiggly board game
  34. Upwords board game
  35. underwater camera
  36. Undertaker action figure
  37. uKloo game
  38. Uma (from Descendants)
  39. Underminer (Incredibles 2)
  40. UnderDog
  41. Ugo (from Luca)
  42. Utz chips
  43. Uncle Dan (from Migration)
  44. Utah Jazz (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  45. Uganda (map, postcard, etc.)
  46. Uruguay (map, postcard, etc.)
  47. United Arab Emirates (map, postcard, etc.)
  48. Umbreon (Pokemon card)
  49. Unfezant (Pokemon card)
  50. Unown (Pokemon card)
  51. Ursaring (Pokemon card)
  52. Uxie (Pokemon card)

Show and Tell For Letters A to Z

If you’re looking for show and tell ideas for other letters then check out my post that includes them all. Or you can click on the letter of the alphabet that you want from below.

Letter U Video

You and your kiddos will love this video all about letter U!

YouTube video

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