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Show and Tell Letter P [135 Ideas!]

We are making our way through the alphabet (backwards) and we are nearly half way there with our letter of the week show and tell ideas!  Today I am sharing show and tell letter P ideas.  As a teacher and mom I have a ton of show and tell experience that I hope to share with you. I’ve got 135 show and tell letter P ideas for you so hopefully you’ll have one of the items on the list that you kiddo can take in to school.

show and tell letter P ideas

Show and Tell Tips from a Teacher and Mom

  • Look through your kid’s stuffed animals and action figures.  Sometimes you can find a character whose name starts with the letter that you need.
  • Look through your child’s books.  You might find a book with a title that begins with the letter that you need
  • When all else fails have your kiddo take in an alphabet block with the letter on it or a an alphabet letter magnet.
  • My son once took in a picture that he colored from a coloring book.  The picture was of something that started with the letter of the week and he loved showing off his artwork during share time.

And this won’t help you think of anything but this last tip will help keep you out of a bind- 

My #1 Show and Tell Tip

Set a reminder on your phone for the night before show and tell. 

alarm for show and tell letter P

That way you won’t forget and scramble to find something in your car while you wait in the drop off line for school.  Yes, yes that did happen to me.  Don’t be me.  You’re better than that!

Show and Tell Letter P Ideas:

  1. panda
  2. panther
  3. penguin
  4. polar bear
  5. porcupine
  6. pig
  7. puppy
  8. puffer fish
  9. platypus
  10. Puppy Dog Pals
  11. PJ Masks
  12. Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh)
  13. present
  14. pencil
  15. pencil case
  16. pencil eraser topper
  17. pan
  18. pot
  19. porridge
  20. pepper
  21. pickle
  22. pancake
  23. pineapple
  24. pizza
  25. plum
  26. pepperoni
  27. parrot
  28. parrot fish
  29. pug
  30. Pig and Pug books
  31. the Pigeon books by Mo Willems
  32. pigeon
  33. Pinkalicious
  34. pie
  35. pumpkin
  36. potato
  37. peach
  38. pipecleaner
  39. paper
  40. picture
  41. penny
  42. poodle
  43. princess
  44. Princess Peach (Mario)
  45. Princess Anna
  46. Princess Elsa
  47. Princess Belle
  48. Princess Tiana
  49. Princess Snow White
  50. Princess Aurora
  51. Princess Ariel
  52. police
  53. police car
  54. pelican
  55. pirate
  56. pirate ship
  57. Pillow Pet
  58. Pete the Cat (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or the book character)
  59. Pinocchio
  60. Peppa Pig
  61. pebble
  62. piggy bank
  63. Paw Patrol
  64. pajamas
  65. paper clips
  66. Pringles
  67. plate
  68. pretzel
  69. popcorn
  70. Play Doh
  71. pen
  72. plane
  73. pilot
  74. pom poms
  75. parachute (we have an army man with one)
  76. paint pallate
  77. paint brush
  78. planet
  79. petunia
  80. pansy
  81. poppy
  82. peony
  83. Pluto (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  84. Pascal (from Tangled)
  85. Peso (from Octonauts)
  86. Pumbaa (from the Lion King)
  87. Pocahontas
  88. Peter Pan
  89. Percy (from Thomas the Tank Engine)
  90. Pop the Pig
  91. Plinko
  92. poster
  93. Pepper (from Eureka)
  94. Pennsylvania (map, postcard, etc.)
  95. Puerto Rico (map, postcard, etc.)
  96. Panama (map, postcard, etc.)
  97. Paraguay (map, postcard, etc.)
  98. Philippines (map, postcard, etc.)
  99. Poland (map, postcard, etc.)
  100. Portugal (map, postcard, etc.)
  101. pop-up book
  102. Green Bay Packers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  103. New England Patriots (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  104. Philadelphia Eagles (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  105. Pittsburgh Stealers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  106. Philadelphia Phillies (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  107. Pittsburgh Pirates (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  108. San Diego Padres (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  109. Detroit Pistons (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  110. Indiana Pacers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  111. New Orleans Pelicans (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  112. Philadelphia 76ers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  113. Phoenix Suns (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  114. Portland Trailblazers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  115. Nashville Predators (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  116. Pittsburgh Penguins (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  117. Philadelphia Flyers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  118. Pachirisu (Pokemon card)
  119. Palkia (Pokemon card)
  120. Palpitoad (Pokemon card)
  121. Pancham (Pokemon card)
  122. Pangoro (Pokemon card)
  123. Panpour (Pokemon card)
  124. Pansage (Pokemon card)
  125. Pansear (Pokemon card)
  126. Paras (Pokemon card)
  127. Parasect (Pokemon card)
  128. Patrat (Pokemon card)
  129. Pawniard (Pokemon card)
  130. Pelipper (Pokemon card)
  131. Persian (Pokemon card)
  132. Petilil (Pokemon card)
  133. Phanpy (Pokemon card)
  134. Phantump (Pokemon card)
  135. Phione (Pokemon card)

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