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Show and Tell Letter L [110 Ideas!]

It’s summer still but I’m thinking about back to school already and working my way through each letter of the alphabet as a part of this show and letter of the week show and tell ideas.  Today I’ve got 110 ideas for show and tell letter L for you all. As a teacher and mom I have plenty of show and tell experience to share with you all.

show and tell letter l

Beyond just giving you letter L show and tell ideas I wanted to be sure to mention a few show and tell tips that apply for every letter.

Show and Tell Tips from a Teacher and Mom

  • Look through your kid’s stuffed animals and action figures.  Sometimes you can find a character whose name starts with the letter that you need.
  • Look through your child’s books.  You might find a book with a title that begins with the letter that you need
  • When all else fails have your kiddo take in an alphabet block with the letter on it or a an alphabet letter magnet.
  • My son once took in a picture that he colored from a coloring book.  The picture was of something that started with the letter of the week and he loved showing off his artwork during share time.

And this won’t help you think of anything but this last tip will help keep you out of a bind-

My #1 Show and Tell Tip

Set a reminder on your phone for the night before show and tell.

alarm for show and tell for letter L

That way you won’t forget and scramble to find something in your car for show and tell letter L while you wait in the drop off line for school. Yes, yes that did happen to me. Don’t be me. You’re better than that!

Show and Tell Letter L Ideas:

  1. legs (from Mr. Potato Head)
  2. lips (from Mr. Potato Head)
  3. lamp
  4. leprechaun
  5. llama
  6. Llama Llama books
  7. leopard
  8. loon
  9. lemur
  10. lion
  11. liger
  12. lobster
  13. ladybug
  14. lei
  15. lemming
  16. lizard
  17. lemon (real or from your play food set!)
  18. lemonade
  19. lime
  20. limeade
  21. licorice
  22. lollipop
  23. Laffy Taffy
  24. Lucky Charms
  25. leeks
  26. Lego bricks
  27. letter (letter magnets, foam letters from tub)
  28. leaf
  29. lantern
  30. lawn mower (like the cute little bubble mower most kids have)
  31. letter puzzle
  32. lacrosse stick
  33. Lalaloopsy
  34. Little People
  35. LOL Surprise Dolls
  36. Luca (from Luca)
  37. Lotso Bear (from Toy Story)
  38. Larry (from VeggieTales)
  39. Linny from Wonderpets
  40. Linguini (from Ratatouille)
  41. Littlefoot (from The Land Before Time)
  42. Lady (from Lady and the Tramp)
  43. Lumiere (from Beauty and the Beast)
  44. Lightening McQueen
  45. Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch)
  46. Lady (from Lady and the Tramp)
  47. Luigi (from Mario Bros. games)
  48. Luisa (from Encanto)
  49. Linus (from Peanuts)
  50. Lucy (from Peanuts)
  51. The Lion Guard DVD or toys
  52. The Lion King DVD or toys
  53. The Little Mermaid DVD or toys
  54. Little Einsteins DVD or toys
  55. lamb
  56. letter (like mail)
  57. Louisiana (map, postcard, t-shirt)
  58. Lebanon (map, postcard, t-shirt)
  59. Lituania (map, postcard, t-shirt)
  60. Laos (map, postcard, t-shirt)
  61. Luxembourg (map, postcard, t-shirt)
  62. Liberia (map, postcard, t-shirt)
  63. light
  64. Lincoln Logs
  65. labrador retreiver
  66. ladle
  67. Leap Frog toys
  68. lock
  69. level
  70. lily
  71. lynx
  72. lunch box
  73. letter blocks
  74. limo
  75. Lite Brite
  76. lace
  77. lacing cards
  78. lasso
  79. the Game of Life board game
  80. Lambie (from Doc McStuffins)
  81. Lobo (from Super Monsters)
  82. Lollie (from Puppy Dog Pals)
  83. letters from a letter magnet set
  84. Lucky (from Bluey)
  85. Lys (from Young Jedi)
  86. lipstick (from a toy makeup set)
  87. light saber
  88. Little Blue Truck books
  89. lanyard
  90. Labradoodle
  91. Lara bar
  92. Littlest Pet Shop toys
  93. Loaded Questions Junior
  94. Letter Pool game
  95. Labyrinth Pokemon edition game
  96. Lairon (Pokemon)
  97. Leafeon (Pokemon)
  98. Lickilicky (Pokemon)
  99. Lillipup (Pokemon)
  100. Litwick (Pokemon)
  101. Lucario (Pokemon)
  102. Lumineon (Pokemon)
  103. Detroit Lions (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  104. Las Vegas Raiders (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  105. Los Angelos Chargers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  106. Los Angelos Rams (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  107. Los Angelos Angels (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  108. Los Angelos Dodgers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  109. Los Angelos Clippers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)
  110. Los Angelos Lakers (shirt, jersey, hat, etc.)

Want show and tell ideas for all the other letters?  Check out my HUGE list of Show and Tell Ideas from A to Z.

More Fun with Letter L

Letter L Tracing Worksheets

letter l tracing worksheets
toys that start with l

For Letter L Show and Tell week I also wanted to share this cute Sesame Street video for Letter L that your kiddo may enjoy.

Mary Martha Mama