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Show and Tell Letter I [75 Ideas!]

We are inching closer and closer to the end of this letter of the week show and tell series which is good because we are inching closer and closer to the first day of school and I have a goal to be all done with this series in time for all you new preschool parents to have this series as a resource!  Today I’m sharing 75 ideas for show and tell letter I. As a teacher and mom I have a lot of show and tell experience that I hope to share with you all.

show and tell letter i

Show and Tell Tips from a Teacher and Mom

  • Look through your kid’s stuffed animals and action figures.  Sometimes you can find a character whose name starts with the letter that you need.
  • Look through your child’s books.  You might find a book with a title that begins with the letter that you need
  • When all else fails have your kiddo take in an alphabet block with the letter on it or a an alphabet letter magnet.
  • My son once took in a picture that he colored from a coloring book.  The picture was of something that started with the letter of the week and he loved showing off his artwork during share time.

And this won’t help you think of anything but this last tip will help keep you out of a bind-

My #1 Show and Tell Tip

Set a reminder on your phone for the night before show and tell.

alarm for letter i show and tell

That way you won’t forget and scramble to find something in your car for show and tell I while you wait in the drop off line for school.

Yes, yes that did happen to me. Don’t be me. You’re better than that!

Show and Tell Letter I Ideas:

  1. insect
  2. inchworm
  3. iguana
  4. ice cream
  5. ice cream scoop
  6. igloo
  7. ice (from Don’t Break the Ice game)
  8. inkpen
  9. icepack
  10. infant (baby doll)
  11. Incredibles toys (from the movie The Incredibles/The Incredibles 2)
  12. Mr. Incredible
  13. Mrs. Incredible
  14. illustration (have him or her draw something and bring it in!)
  15. iris
  16. instrument
  17. bar of Ivory soap
  18. impala
  19. Isabela (from Encanto)
  20. icicle
  21. index card
  22. ice skate
  23. ID card
  24. insect collecting kit
  25. Imaginext toys
  26. I Spy Game
  27. Io blocks
  28. Incredible Hulk
  29. Imagine Ink Pads
  30. Imagination Patterns
  31. Inner Tube
  32. inline skates
  33. Inchworms game
  34. Iguanodon (It’s a dinosaur, we have one in our Jurassic Park toys)
  35. Indiana (map, t-shirt, postcard, etc.)
  36. Illinois (map, t-shirt, postcard, etc.)
  37. Idaho (map, t-shirt, postcard, etc.)
  38. Iowa (map, t-shirt, postcard, etc.)
  39. India (map, t-shirt, postcard, etc.)
  40. Ireland (map, t-shirt, postcard, etc.)
  41. Iceland (map, t-shirt, postcard, etc.)
  42. Iago (from Aladdin)
  43. Ian (from Onward)
  44. Inspector Gadget
  45. Isabella (from Phinneas and Ferb)
  46. Irving (from Chuggington)
  47. Indy (from Bluey)
  48. Iduna (from Frozen)
  49. Izzy (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
  50. Izzy (from Lightyear)
  51. Ian Lightfoot (from Onward)
  52. Ironman
  53. Poison Ivy (from Batman)
  54. Ivysaur (Pokemon card or toy)
  55. infant
  56. Iago (from Aladdin)
  57. Indianapolis Colts (jersey, shirt, hat, etc.)
  58. Indiana Pacers (jersey, shirt, hat, etc.)
  59. New York Islanders (jersey, shirt, hat, etc.)
  60. Igglybuff (Pokemon)
  61. Illumise (Pokemon)
  62. Incineroar (Pokemon)
  63. Infernape (Pokemon)
  64. Inkay (Pokemon)
  65. Ivysaur (Pokemon)
  66. Indiana Jones
  67. Irish Springs soap
  68. ivy
  69. instrument (toy drum, guitar, etc.)
  70. Instax camera
  71. ink stamps
  72. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book
  73. I Promise book
  74. invitation
  75. ice cube tray

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for show and tell for letter i. Have more fun with letter I with these free printables:

Letter I Tracing Worksheets

letter i tracing worksheets

Want show and tell ideas for all the other letters?  Check out my HUGE list of Show and Tell Ideas from A to Z.

Got any more show and tell letter I ideas?  Please share them in the comments below!

toys that start with i

For more Letter I Show and Tell week fun you may want to check out this video What Starts with I? from Sesame Street.

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