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7 Free Baby Bib Patterns

Baby bibs make a wonderful gift for a new baby and they are easy to sew.  I’ve made quite a few over the past few years and today I’m sharing all my free baby bib patterns with you all.

[1] My Original Baby Bib Pattern

This is the first bib design I came up with a couple of years ago!  I actually prefer to use #2 on this list (the better bib pattern), but you might like the original better.  I say print both out and compare for yourself.

baby bib pattern and tutorial

[2] The Better Bib Pattern

This is a revised version of my original baby bib. Basically the same shape but a little bigger. The straps on this bib are a bit wider than the original pattern so it makes it easier to turn right side out when you are making it.  This is my absolute favorite of all the baby gifts to sew. my better baby bib pattern and tutorial

[3] Easy Bandana Bib Pattern

Bandana bibs are a fun shape that have been popular and on trend for a few years now.  They are a different shape than the others but they are just as easy to make.

bandana baby bib pattern and tutorial

[4] Toddler Bib Pattern

My original bib pattern and better bib pattern are for smaller babies but this toddler bib pattern is the perfect size for bigger babies and toddlers who might be drooling a lot from teething.

toddler bib pattern

[5] Two Thirds Baby Bib

This bib makes use of two fabrics which can make for some fun pattern mixing.

2/3 baby bib pattern and tutorial

[6] Flower Bib

You can take any basic bib pattern and embellish it with a fun fabric flower very easily.

fabric flower bib

[7] Ruffle Bib

Last but not least, you can also embellish any bib pattern with some simple little ruffles.  This might look tricky but it’s actually pretty easy.

ruffle baby bib

So, which of these free baby bib patterns will you make?  Let me know in the comments below!free baby bib patterns


Tuesday 15th of May 2018

You have a link to print the pattern but you don't have a link to print the instructions. Having to copy, paste, resize photos and reset margins in a pain.


Tuesday 15th of May 2018

So sorry to disappoint. I always provide the instructions in the blog post but there are some bloggers who provide printable instructions (Pinterest is a good place to look). I hope you find what you're looking for!

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