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Toddler Bib Pattern [Big Bib]

There’s nothing cuter than a baby… but babies make messes!  With all the drool and spit-up you need some bibs, even for bigger babies.  So today I’m sharing my toddler bib pattern with you all.  It’s the perfect size for bigger babies and toddlers who might be drooling a lot from teething.

toddler bib pattern

These bibs are make from a fun printed cotton on the front and a soft, absorbent terry cloth fabric on the back.  My boys drooled a ton when they were teething and I found it much easier to change their bib than change a shirt/onesie a few times a day when they were really drooling.

Please always supervise your child while he or she is wearing a bib and remove the bib prior to putting the baby to sleep.

These bibs are big and if they are too big for what you are looking for then be sure to check out my regular baby bib pattern.

To make a toddler bib you will need:

Step 1: Print out my toddler bib pattern.  I put a little 1 inch square on each page so that you can tell if it prints correctly.  If you are having trouble then try adjusting your printer settings.  Tape the two pages together and then trim off the excess.

toddler bib pattern printed out toddler bib pattern cut out

Step 2: Wash and dry your fabrics.  Iron the cotton fabric for the front.  Fold part of your fabric over so that it’s just bigger than the pattern.

Lay the pattern down on top of your fabric so that the long, straight part is against the fold.  Cut out your fabric.

pattern on top of fabric bib front cut out

Step 3: Take your terrycloth fabric and lay it down.  Then place your cotton bib front on top of it with the right side down.  Pin the bib front in place.

Sew around the edges, sewing 1/2 inch from the edge BUT do not go all the way around.  Leave an opening of a few inches at the bottom of the bib.

bib front on top of terry bib pinned with lines showing where to sew bib front sewn to terry

Step 4: Trim the excess terrycloth off from around the sides and inside the neck hole area.  This bib has a lot of curves so you are going to want to clip and notch the curves a little.

This will help the bib to lay nicely around the curves.  So… the thing with clipping is you want to clip areas that are concave like the neckline.  Clipping is just cutting little slits in the edge.  Be careful not to cut into your stitches!

excess trimmed and neckline notched

Step 5: Now notching is when you cut little Vs into the edge.  You want to do this on the convex areas of the bib.

I also clipped the small areas of the ends of the straps a little more than other areas since it is so crammed in this area.  (I trimmed it even more than in the photo below, this just shows you basic notching.

curves cut out

Step 6: Use the hole that you left in the bottom of the bib to turn it inside out, so that you can see the right side of your front fabric.

Use something like a dull pencil or a pen with a cap on it, or a corner turner to help you push everything inside out.  Then press it with your iron.

hole for turning bib right side out bib right side out and pressed

Step 7: Topstitch all the way around the bib, sewing 1/4 inch from the edge.  This will close up your hole in the bottom.  Go slowly if you need to!

bib topstitched

Step 8: Last step!  You add your closure method for the bib (snaps or velcro).  I used sew on velcro.  I attached the scratchier half of the velcro to the bib strap that faces up in a small velcro circle and then attached a longer oval to the other strap.

velcro added velcro tab velcro closed

That’s it!  Go put that bib on a beautiful baby or wrap it up for a baby shower gift.

toddler bib pattern and tutorial

Please let me know if you give my toddler bib pattern a try and be sure to check out my other baby gift tutorials!

toddler bib pattern and tutorial


Tuesday 17th of April 2018

I am trying to print your bib pattern, but no go. What am I doing wrong?


Tuesday 17th of April 2018

Hi Charlene. I will try my best to help you but it's so hard to troubleshoot when I'm not there in person. When you click on the words "toddler bib pattern" in step 1 a pdf file should open up and you should see the bib pattern in your browser. You should then be able to print it using your brower's print button or print option in the navigational menu/toolbar at the top. Then your print menu should appear where you can chose your printing options. Are you able to open up the pdf and see the pattern?

Shannon Molenburg

Wednesday 11th of April 2018

So adorable!!! These would be so perfect as a gift!


Wednesday 11th of April 2018

Thank you!

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