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20 Christmas Gifts to Sew that People Will Love

christmas gifts to sew

Yes, it is not yet even Halloween and I’m talking Christmas… but hear me out.  If you’re looking to make some Christmas gifts this year then you want to give yourself plenty of time to make them without stressing yourself out.  So today I am sharing 15 Christmas Gifts to Sew that people are actually going to want to get this year.

Now, clearly not everyone would love every gift on this list so you’ll have to think about your intended recipient and what he or she would really love but hopefully this list will give you a couple of good ideas for each person on your list.

Christmas Gifts to Sew

[ONE] Infinity Scarf

This is a super simple one to sew up quickly and I have made several of these as gifts.  Pick out a fabric with colors that you think the recipient will like and I’m sure they will love it!

christmas gifts to sew

[TWO] Easy Peasy Potholders

christmas gifts to sew

My easy peasy potholder tutorial has been shared over 76,000 times on Pinterest because it really is super easy to make.  I originally made these for my granny and so it’s a project that is special to me and one of my favorite Christmas gifts to sew.

[THREE] Fabric Basket

christmas gifts to sew

We all love storage and I think that this would actually make a great base for a gift that you could fill with a few other gifts like some fun bath soaps and bath bombs or fun kitchen accessories, etc.

[FOUR] Heating Pads

christmas gifts to sew

These are so nice for those little aches and pains, especially in the winter.

[FIVE] Poncho

diy poncho

This poncho is great because you don’t have to worry having specific measurements of your recipient as it’s one size fits a lot of people.

[SIX] Fleece Earwarmer Headbands

fleece earwarmer headband pattern and tutorial

These are a nice, warm cozy gift for winter.

[SEVEN]Canvas Tote

diy canvas tote

I think that a personalized tote made in fabrics that you know someone would loved and filled with some books would be a great Christmas gift.

[EIGHT] Skillet Handle Potholder

skillet handle potholder

If you are gifting someone a cast iron skillet then this would make a cute little add-on to your present.

[NINE] Cozy Cowl

cozy cowl

Another easy accessory to sew would be this big cowl scarf.

[TEN] Oven Mitt

oven mitt pattern and tutorial

Heading back into the kitchen I think that an oven mitt and some nice kitchen utensils wrapped up with a ribbon would make a cute gift for the bakers in your life.

[ELEVEN] Coasters

diy coasters

These coasters are very easy and quick to sew up.  I think if you’re gifting someone a mug then it would be really neat to gift a set of these along with it.

[TWELVE] Zipper Pouch

zipper pouch tutorial

Zipper pouches are useful for so many things!  You can gift one for someone to use a pencil pouch stuffed with some colored pencils and a fun coloring book or a makeup bag with some fun holiday colors.

[THIRTEEN] No Sew Fleece Throw

no sew fleece blanket

Ok, so this one doesn’t require any sewing… but I wanted to include it because it’s such a great gift that’s crazy easy to make.  Pick a fun fabric that means something to your recipient and they will love it.

[FOURTEEN] Cloth Napkins

cloth napkin tutorial

You can make a set of cloth napkins in no time at all.

[FIFTEEN] Drink Cozies

insulated drink cover

I think a set of personalized drink cozies with a few of your recipient’s favorite drinks would be a fun gift.

[SIXTEEN] Key Fobs

A fun, personalized keyfob could be a a really useful gift.

fabric key fob

[SEVENTEEN] Scrunchies

Every girl loves a good srunchie and you can make some to gift to friends!


[EIGHTEEN] Placemats

One of the first gifts I made was some Christmas placemats for my family.

placemats sewn as one of the Christmas gifts to sew

[NINETEEN] Toiletries Bag

These little bags come in handy and would make a great gift. You could even fill it with some favorites.

toiletries bag, one of the Christmas gifts to sew

[TWENTY] Sparkly Headband

I think these would make a fun gift for any girls.

headbands sparkly Christmas gifts to sew

So now you have 20 ideas for Christmas gifts to sew.  Let me know if you make any of them or if you have more ideas of Christmas gifts to sew then share them in the comments below.

15 christmas gifts to sew


Thursday 1st of November 2018

All of these are great ideas! It’s never too early to come up with ideas for Christmas


Thursday 1st of November 2018

Right? You totally need time to make gifts and you don't want to be making them at the eleventh hour like I have before.

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