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DIY Toiletries Bag You Can Make in 9 Steps

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DIY Toiletries Bag Tutorial: Make your own boxy toiletries bag using this easy to follow tutorial. #sewing #diytoiletriesbag #howtosewatoiletrybag

Summer is here and we are so excited to be able to get outside and make some great family memories while the weather is so beautiful. We have been camping and hiking and we are looking forward to many more outside adventures. 

Since summer is such a great time for travel, I made my husband a toiletry bag. Today, I’m showing you how to make this simple DIY toiletries bag along with some of the great Dial® products that are helping us clean up after all of our messy, outside adventures. 

To get ready for the adventure season, I headed to my local Walmart to stock up on Dial® products. The health and beauty section had everything I needed to stock up on for our recent camping trip.

health and beauty sign
foaming hand soap
body wash
men's body wash
washing hands with the foaming soap

I also grabbed some Dial® Spring Water Body Wash. It has a fantastic scent and light hydration that makes my skin feel healthy and fresh.

And for my husband, I picked up Dial® Recharge for Men. My husband loves the convenience of a body wash and shampoo in one and I love that it leaves his hair, body, and face feeling healthy.

diy toiletries bag with body wash and soap
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DIY Toiletries Bag Tutorial

Supplies Needed for DIY Toiletries Bag

  • 2 15 X 10 inch rectangles of thicker cotton fabric for the outside of the bag (like canvas or denim)
  • 2 15 X 10 inch rectangles of woven cotton fabric for the lining of the bag
  • 2 15 X 10 inch rectangles of fusible interfacing
  • 9 inch piece of cotton webbing for handle
  • 14 inch zipper
the supplies needed for the diy toiletries bag

DIY Toiletries Bag Tutorial Steps

1. Attach the Interfacing

Follow the package instructions to iron the fusible interfacing onto the back of your rectangles for the outside of the bag.

the interfacing added to the outside fabrics for the diy toiletries bag

2. Make a Stack

Now you’re going to make a stack of fabric. First, lay down one rectangle of the outside fabric with the right side up. Then lay the zipper down on top of the bottom edge (the zipper should be right side down). Lastly, you’ll add one of the lining rectangles on top (the lining rectangle should be right side down). Pin or clip all of these together along that bottom edge and then sew the all together using the zipper foot on your sewing machine.

the first stack of fabrics for the diy toiletries bag

At this point the zipper will be attached to both rectangles. Fold it over so that the right sides of the outside fabric and lining are facing out and give it a good press.

the fabrics and zipper sewn together
the stack of fabrics

3. Make Another Stack

My verbal description for this may be confusing, so be sure to reference the picture below. For this stack, you will start by laying down the other rectangle of outside fabric with the right side up. Then lay the stack (sandwich) we made in step 2 on top of that with the right side of the outside fabric down and the zipper along the bottom edge. Lastly, add the lining fabric down on top with the right side down.

Pin and sew along that bottom edge, again, using your zipper foot so that you can get close to the edge of that zipper.

the stack of fabrics

4. Press & Topstitch

Unfold what you just sewed together. Press it so that the lining and outside fabric of the 2 sides are on opposite sides with the zipper in the middle. Then topstitch along each of the two sides of the zipper going all the way across so that the layers stay together on each side.

topstitching along sides of zipper

5. Sew the Bottoms

Unzip your zipper about half way. If you do not do this then you will be in trouble later.

Fold the outside halves of your bag together with the right sides together and the linings together with the right sides together like in the photo below. Pin and sew along the edges where you see the dashed lines below. You will sew all the way across the top edge where the two outside halves meet, but you will leave a gap of about 4 inches on the side with the lining halves.

lines showing to sew along top and bottom but a gap left in bottom

Press those two seams open.

the seams pressed open

6. Sew the Sides

Line up the seams of the edges that you just pressed open one on top of the other with the zipper in the middle.

the seams and zipper all lined up

Pin all of the layers together and sew along the side seams, sewing about 1/2 inch from the edge.

the sides of the bag sewn

7. Cut the Corners

Now you are going to cut out each corner. You will cut out a rectangle from each corner. It needs to be a square opening so you will cut out a rectangle that is 2 inches X 1.5 inches because of that 0.5 inch seam on the one side of each corner. So on the side that is folded and has no seam you will cut a line that is 1.5 inches. On the side where you have sewn the seam you will cut a line that is 2 inches (or 1.5 inches from the seam).

the corners cut out

8. Construct the Corners

Bear with me as this can be confusing but hopefully the pictures help. Unfold one of the lining corners. You are then going to push point A to point B.

unfolding the lining and pinching point a to point b
pinching point a to point b

Clip or pin along the line you made by pinching those together.

the corner of the bag pinched and clipped together

Now you will do the same Point A to Point B pinch and fold for the outside fabric of that corner BUT the outside corners on 2 sides will have the handle running through them so let’s do those first. All you need to do for this is to slide the webbing for the handle into one outside corner and out the other. Then you do the Point A to Point B pinch and fold thing.

the webbing inserted into the outside corner of the bag
the webbing inserted into one end of the toiletries bag

Now you need to join the lining corner that you pinned with the outside corner that you pinned. I find it too cumbersome to try to pin them all at once so that’s why I pin the lining corner, then the outside corner, then pin them all together. Sew across the line you see in the picture below, sewing 1/2 inch from the edge.

the corner with the lining, webbing, and outside fabrics all clipped together with a line showing where to sew

Repeat this process for the other corners. On the side that does not have the handle, you’ll just omit the part about sliding the webbing in before pinning or clipping. In the picture below you can see that I have sewn all 4 corners.
all 4 corners sewn up on the diy toiletries bag

9. Finish Up the DIY Toiletries Bag

Now you need to use that hole you left in the lining to pull everything through.

the lining of the diy toiletries bag on the zipper side
the opening left in the lining of the diy toiletries bag

Sew up that hole and turn everything right side out by going through where you left the zipper half open earlier.

the inside of the diy toiletries bag

And now you’re done with your DIY toiletries bag!

DIY Toiletries Bag with a white towel

Once you have done it once, it really does get a whole lot easier the second time around, I promise! If you try it, be sure to let me know how it goes in the comments below and don’t forget to check out all the great Dial® products at Walmart! You can also take advantage of the Ibotta opportunity to earn cash back while supplies last.


Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

I like the bag. It is a bit confusing for me as some what of a beginner. I may have to try later this summer. Thanks for all the Picts as well.


Saturday 27th of July 2019

Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions when you do try it!


Tuesday 16th of July 2019

The tutorial is fine. But after scrolling through all the ads, it seems like you could at least provide a button to print the tutorial itself.


Tuesday 16th of July 2019

Thank you for your suggestion. I will try to add a print button for the tutorial when I find the time.

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