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How to Sew a Scrunchie in 5 Steps

I really didn’t think I’d ever see them come back, but they did! I’m sure you couldn’t help but notice that scrunchies have made their way back and today I’m going to show you how to sew a scrunchie.

How to Sew a Scrunchie- You can easily sew a scrunchie from some long scraps of fabric and elastic following this tutorial.

Now you can sew a scrunchie out of whatever fabric you want and this is a great use of some scraps. I will say that it’s easier to sew a scrunchie with a stiffer fabric than something that’s super silky or stretchy.

So you may want to try this tutorial first with a woven cotton or a thicker, stiffer knit cotton in order to get the hang of it before trying it with something like silk.

Supplies Needed

the supplies needed for how to sew a scrunchie

How to Sew a Scrunchie

Step 1

Fold the piece of fabric in half length-wise with the right sides together. Pin or clip it so that it holds itself in place.

Step 2

Sew along the open edge, sewing about 1/2 inch from the edge.

steps 1 and 2 of the tutorial

Step 3

Turn the tube you just sewed right side out. It will probably get pretty crumpled with the turning process so give it a little press.

the tube of fabric sewn and then turned right side out and pressed

Tuck one end of the tube to the inside and press.

the end of the tube tucked into the inside and pressed

Step 4

Attach your safety pin to one end of your piece of elastic. Pull the pin through the tube.

the elastic pulled through the tube

Curve the tube around so that both ends of your elastic overlap by about an inch. Clip or pin them together then sew them together, going back and forth with a zigzag stitch a few times to make sure it’s strong.

The elastic sewn

Step 5

Then insert one of the ends of the tube into the other end.

Use your hand sewing needle and some thread to sew the two ends of the tube together, all the way around. I did this with the blue one and pink one. You can’t see the stitches because of the fold of fabric on the end of the tube that I tucked under.

Alternately you could just do this with your sewing machine like I did with the green one but you’ll be able to see it.

how to sew a scrunchie- the different ways of sewing it shut

You wouldn’t really notice it too much if you use a coordinating thread. It’s also less visible when you double the scrunchie up like you would to put your hair up.

the scrunchie curled

Now you’re all done!

How to Sew a Scrunchie Tutorial- finished scrunchies

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