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Toys That Start with I (30 Ideas!)

I’m starting a new series today that is an offshoot of my letter of the week show and tell ideas series… “Toys That Start with…”. Today I am sharing a list of 30 toys that start with I.

Toys That Start with I: List of 20 Ideas for Toys That Start with I

It doesn’t seem like it would be super hard but it is kind of a tricky one so hopefully this list will give you some great ideas for you and your preschooler!

In my show and tell posts I included anything that I could think of that a family might have on hand for a child to take in for show and tell but I know that sometimes the assignment is just limited to toys that start with the letter of the week.

So I’m making a new series that’s all toys and I’m challenging myself to come up with even more toys than were on my original lists. I went through my kids’ toys, thought about their cousins’ and friends’ toys, and even walked the toy aisle scouring for ideas.

If you have some toy ideas to add to the list please let me know in the comments below! I might be missing something totally obvious!

cartoon characters that start with I vert

General Tips

  • If you’re looking at this list for ideas for a weekly toy-focused show and tell then set an alarm for the night before to remind you about it. This way you’re not scrambling the morning of looking for something.
  • If you get stuck try to think of names of characters that you might have a toy of… dolls, action figures, stuffed animals, etc.
  • If you have some time one day then go ahead and figure out some ideas for show and tell for a few letters and jot them down. Future you will love this!
show and tell alarm for toys that start with I

Toys That Start with I

  1. ice cream (from a play food set like this)
  2. ice cream scoop (from a play food set like this)
  3. ice (from the Don’t Break the Ice game)
  4. infant (baby doll)
  5. Incredibles toys (from The Incredibles/Incredibles 2 movies)
  6. insects (you can usually find a little bag of bugs at the dollar store)
  7. insect collecting kit
  8. iguana stuffed animal
  9. Imaginext (these Fisher Price toys have been a big favorite of ours)
  10. I Spy game
  11. igloo (like this cute seal plush with igloo or this arctic set with igloo)
  12. instrument (we have this instrument set, guitar, and kitty keyboard)
  13. Io blocks (these are cool little stem building sets)
  14. Iron Man (Playskool makes some cute Iron Man toys)
  15. Incredible Hulk
  16. Imagine Ink Pad (they make these for all sorts of characters)
  17. Imagination Patterns (I love these pattern card sets)
  18. inner tube
  19. inline skates
  20. Inchworms game
  21. instrument (we have a set like this one of different toy instruments)
  22. Isabela from Encanto
  23. ID card (a lot of doctor’s kits like this one have a doctor’s ID badge in them)
  24. Iguanodon
  25. Indoraptor
  26. Ian from Onward
  27. Inspector Gadget
  28. Iago from Aladdin
  29. Inside Out toys
  30. Iron Man

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