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Goodbye Summer

With the first official day of Autumn coming tomorrow I thought it was time to call it on Summer and see how we did on our Summer Bucket List.  As a reminder here is our list:

Summer Bucket list

Even as full and packed as our summer was we did not get to everything on our list, but we sure had fun trying.

1. Go to the Beach

We did make it to the beach this summer for a brief trip while visiting the grandparents.  I would love to go back for a longer stay when the kids are a little older.  And they actually like the waves.  That might make it more fun for all.

my son stepping into the ocean

2. Trip to the Grandparents

Our trip to the grandparents was epic.  My parents made it a very special trip for the boys and they made many wonderful memories.  We will have to do this again next summer.  By then I may have gotten up the nerve to make the drive again all by myself.

Please note- I did NOT take this while driving.  I actually took this on another trip when my husband was driving, but this is the sort of road that I was dealing with!

Please note- I did NOT take this while driving. I actually took this on another trip when my husband was driving, but this is the sort of road that I was dealing with!

3. Service Project

As I mentioned in my goals for the year I want to incorporate a service project each season.  I decided to have my son help me prepare and deliver a meal for a family who just had a baby and he loved it!

cooking with my son

4. Memorize a Bible Verse

Our verse for this quarter was Luke 10:27.  I just love these words.

Luke 10:27 poster

5. Hike at 5 Metro Parks

We made it to 3 different Metro Parks!  So not quite 5, but we still got out and explored some new parks.  I hope to do some more hiking with the kids this Fall.

6. Visit a Waterpark

We made it to a few waterparks this summer, which is fantastic because I think A’s favorite places in the world are waterparks.  He said his favorite was the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Virginia, but he’s happy anywhere there’s water.


7. Visit a Theme Park

We had a blast checking out Cedar Point this summer… even if I was a little scared!

camp snoopy  sign8. Make S’mores

So all Summer long I tried to get A to try a s’more… and he refused!  He also refuses to try ice cream.  Last night I made myself one and he asked if he could eat it!  I was shocked!  But he enjoyed it so maybe he will be more open to trying ice cream… maybe.

9. Play in the Sprinkler

We were basically in the water all summer long, including many runs in the sprinkler.

son playing in the sprinkler

10. Catch Fireflies

I threw this item onto my bucket list without really thinking about how my kids go to bed before dark… so this didn’t happen.  Maybe next summer.

11. Watch a Parade

We are parade people.  A gets such a kick out of them that we watched both the local Memorial Day Parade and the local Fourth of July Parade.


12. Take a Train Ride

Our trip to Cedar Point provided us the opportunity to take a ride on a real steam locomotive train.  Being a train-loving guy, A could not have been happier.

Cedar Point Train

13. Watch Fireworks

One of the handful of nights this summer that we kept A up past his bed time was the evening of our local Fourth of July fireworks.  He was a little frightened by the noise and so we sought refuge in Grandma’s house toward the end of the show, but overall it was a good experience.


14. Visit Preston’s Hope

We still have yet to visit Preston’s Hope, but we are hoping to some time soon.

Well, in my Spring Bucket List Recap I realized that I completed 57% of our list.  This go around we completed 78%! Check back tomorrow for our Fall Bucket List.

Want more kid’s bucket list ideas?  You can check out my Spring Bucket List.

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