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2014 Goals

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I know, it’s February.  Half way through February at that.  Goal setting and resolutions are traditionally for January, but some of us are running a little behind this year.  I have been thinking about my goals since the end of last year, but I have yet to fine tune and articulate them until now.  I touched on the friendship area of goals last week, but I wanted to write out goals for other areas of my life as well.  So here they are:

one hand on top of the other

Have a weekly date night

Be proactive in finding ways to show my husband love

Read 2 marriage books

my son pushing a stroller

Put together and prepare a curriculum to start pre-school time with A in the Fall

Read 2 parenting books

Make a bucket list for each season and complete each activity

me, sticking out my tongue next to a bart simpson poster

Rekindle old friendships with at least 5 old friends.

Develop greater intimacy with current friends by organizing 1 play date a month with another mom and her kids and organizing at least 2 moms nights out with other moms I know (No kids, no husbands).

Reach out to new acquaintances by initiating conversations with other moms at the park and performing at least 2 random acts of kindness.

a phto of me, sitting in a car

Have daily devotional time.

Lose the baby weight from my last pregnancy and continue to eat right and exercise regularly even after the weight is gone.

Start a blog.


Do a thorough Spring cleaning & reorganization.

Remodel the master bath and downstairs bath.

Install the back splash in the kitchen.


When setting goals, they should typically be something that is measurable and some of these aren’t, but that is ok.  For me having articulated them will help me to focus my efforts this year, even if some of them are a bit more nebulous.  Some of these are already in progress, which is exciting and some of them I may not attain.  But that’s ok, I will have a great year trying!

Do you have any big goals for this year?  Anyone else “late” on setting their goals too?



Monday 17th of March 2014

Just came across your blog (and saw your lovely tutorial on burp clothes--if only I knew how to sew, lol). I just started my blog last year and it's great to meet other blogger mammas out there who also are starting out! One of my goals this year is also related to friendships---which I why I attend a fellowship night with women at least once a week (no kids either) and it really recharges me to go back to my family and handle business :) Wishing you the best in that area too!!!


Monday 17th of March 2014

Thanks for wishing me well! It's fantastic that you are getting out with other women once a week. I'll have to check out your blog. Thank you for stopping by!


Friday 7th of March 2014

Thank you so much!

Jaclyn Palmer

Friday 7th of March 2014

Love it! I love goals:) And you have some beautiful ones. Praying you are successful in your Mid-February Resolutions:)

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