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Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Anyone else’s kid watch Sherrif Callie?  You got that song in your head now?  Yeah, we sing it around here all the time.  Anyway, one of the items on our Summer Bucket List was to go on a train ride.  A is 3 1/2 and he has been a big fan of trains since just before he turned two.  So we’ve ridden mini trains at various zoos and malls but we wanted to take him on a real train so that he could have a full-blown, authentic experience.

Prior to going to Cedar Point a few weeks ago I had heard that they have a train.  I just assumed it would be some type of amusement park version of a train ride, but it was an actual train, y’all.  A real, working steam locomotive.

Cedar point train

We got to sit up front in the very first row of seats and A thoroughly enjoyed being able to see them do things like take on water from the water tower and shovel coal.  He’s a big Thomas the Tank Engine fan so he’s familiar with these concepts and it was awesome for him to be able to experience them first-hand.

cedar point train window

The ride is an enjoyable break from all the walking.  The track twists in and out of the coasters and along Lake Erie.

view from the Cedar Point trainThere are a couple of things to consider if you are taking little ones on this ride:

  • There are no seat belts and there are no doors on the sides of the trains, so be sure little ones sit in the middle and not on the edge.  The train is slow, but you do go over water at one point so falling out is probably not a great idea.
  • There is a skeleton town attraction/ show that you ride through for part of the train ride.  It did not bother my son, but it could be scary to some little ones.
  • Bring your drinks and snacks on the train.  My son immediately wanted his.  I think because he finally slowed down to sit he realized he was thirsty and hungry and unfortunately I was out of drink.  Big fail on my part because it was a good opportunity for him to re-hydrate.

Anyone else go on any train rides this summer?  Be sure to check back on Monday as I’ll be sharing all about our vacation including the adventures of driving over 500 miles with 2 little kids all by myself.  Have a great weekend!

Mary Martha Mama