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The Daniel Plan: My Thoughts After 40 Days

Friday marked day #40 of my journey with the Daniel Plan, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts today about my experience.

Did I stick to it?

As I’ve mentioned before, I did not follow the plan all 40 days.  In fact, looking back I probably only strictly stuck to the plan about half of the days during the 40 day period.  I really wish that I had stuck to the plan all 40 days, because when I did I saw some really good results.

How much weight did I lose?

Overall, my results were still not too bad.  I lost 10 pounds, which for me was 5.8% of my weight.  I’ve got to lose another 3 pounds to get to the very top of my healthy BMI range, and then 2 pounds more to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.

How did I feel when I was on it?

Well, the first few days of the detox were a little rough.  I had headaches, but after the first few days they went away.  After that I felt just fine.  It felt really good to start being active again, and even though I wasn’t always disciplined with my eating, I did manage to stay really active.

Would I recommend it?

I would recommend this to anyone.  I think that if you can commit to it, you’ll see great results.  Long-term I intend to continue to incorporate various Daniel Plan principles into my life- less processed food, lots of fresh veggies, lots of physical activity.  Unfortunately I’m just too addicted to sugar to give it up.  I have been having it less and less, but every once in a while I break down and bake some cookies.  Which I then inhale.  Although, I have been doing a better job of giving away more of what I bake so that I don’t eat it all.  Except the brownies I made last night.  I may have polished then off at breakfast.  But then I walked a few miles, so that balances out a little, right???

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Disclaimer: Please note that my posts on the Daniel Plan are not medical advice, they are merely my personal experiences.

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