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Daniel Plan Day 10

Well, this was supposed to be the last day of the detox part of The Daniel Plan for me.  But technically it’s not.  Saturday and Sunday I was out of town and I knew that I was going to be off plan due to circumstances but the plan was to make healthy choices and for the most part I did a decent job.  Monday I wanted to go right back on plan and managed to do so until dinner time came and I was feeling really tired from a day of unpacking and cleaning, so I decided to have a “normal” dinner, which did include a serving of bread.  Followed by some hormonal cookies.  Yesterday was the same way.  That’s life sometimes.

Chocolate Chip Marshmallow CookiesToday I begin the Daniel Plan again in earnest.  I weighed in this morning and after 4 days off plan I’m down 4.2 pounds overall (I was down 7.2 on Saturday morning).  So I went back up a total of 3 pounds.  Hopefully I can get those off pretty soon and get some momentum going forward.  My plan is to actually do 10 more days of detox (starting today) as I did not make it to 10 days before.  So still no dairy and no gluten for me.

So back on plan today.  I have everything on hand to have healthy meals and I’m already wearing my workout clothes.  With nothing on the calendar for the next few weeks I’m hoping to stay on plan and not have any more deviations until the end.  Now I’m off to go make a smoothie.  Check back in tomorrow as I’m going to be sharing some smoothie recipes.

berry smoothie in the blenderFor more information about the Daniel Plan, see my other Daniel Plan posts:

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You can also follow along with me on Instagram (marymarthamama), where I plan to post some pictures of what I’m eating.

Disclaimer: Please note that my posts on the Daniel Plan are not medical advice, they are merely my personal experiences.



Wednesday 21st of May 2014

This is very interesting. Way to go on the results so quickly. I'm thinking about our health and wanting to start something for the whole family. I'm going to look at our library too for this book. Thanks for sharing! So helpful.


Wednesday 21st of May 2014

You're welcome! I got our book from the library too. :)

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