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Gift Ideas for Men

Last but not least, for this year is the gift guide for Christmas for the man in your life.  These gifts are husband approved!! He either already loves these and uses them all the time or they are on his list for this year.

men's gift guide
  1. Blink Home Security Camera – My husband got these on Prime Day in July – and ever since then he talks about getting more.  These are nice for when you are away and get a delivery or just documenting the neighbor’s cat, as ours seems to do, more often than not.  No contracts, HD video and streaming right to your phone. 
  2. Fire TV Recast, Over the Air DVR – Looking to cut the cord?  This device helps you to record your “over the air” channels (in conjunction with a digital antenna).  Works with Alexa and can record up to 4 channels at a time.  
  3. Running Socks– My husband uses these for when he works out as they keep his feet dry while still providing some comfort.
  4. Apple TV – With the release of Disney Plus, this device has become a must.  Couple that, with 4k video and access to all the streaming apps, as well as being able to screencast anything from pictures to video from your Ipad or Iphone, and this is a must.   
  5. Snow blower – We’ve been pretty lucky the past few years with snow, but the prognosticators are calling for major snow this winter and this blower is a must.  All the right specifications at a decent price.   
  6. Sunglasses – Nothing looks better than a new pair of shades.  Pick up a pair in the brand he likes and have him looking good while protecting his eyes.  
  7. Every Moment Holy– This book captures the every day moments in life and the best way to document and remember them through timely prayers and reflections.  A must for those looking to capture Christ in the ordinary.
  8. Fifty/Fifty Growler/Water Bottle– My husband has 2 of the Fifty Fifty water bottles and bought this one because of the handle on the top. He loves both of his water bottles and says they do an amazing job keeping everything cold.
  9. The Mandalorian Shirt– We are thoroughly enjoying The Mandalorian on Disney+ and I think my husband would love this shirt.
  10. National Parks Poster Calendar– We love vintage posters and this calendar is both useful and beautiful.
  11. Meat Shredding Claws– These would make pulled pork and shredded chicken super easy and quick.
  12. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet– Every few years my husband needs a new wallet and this year it’s time. Leather seems to be the most durable so I like this pick.

Everyone is different and likes different things but I hope this list of things my husband either loves or has on his list will help you come up with some ideas of your own.

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