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Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Boys

In continuing with the gift guides for Christmas this year, I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for an 8 year old boy.  This list is a mixture of things on my son’s list this year and a few of our favorite things that we already own and love.

As I’ve stated before, I am sharing for an 8 year old boy because I have one – and believe me- there are near endless choices, depending on what your boy is into. Many girls would enjoy these gifts too so whether you have a girl or a boy you’re shopping for I hope that this list gives you a few ideas.

8 year old boy gift guide
  1. Football Cards– These seem to be the first and foremost for my 8 year old this year.  All his friends collect and trade them at school.  Nothing more fun than when he gets a player that he wanted!
  2. Football– This seems to go naturally with number one.  Of course, at school they play football at recess.  Every waking moment my boy wants to toss the football with anyone who is willing. They even have footballs with NFL team logos on them so you can get one with his favorite team on it.
  3. Nintendo Labo– My mom got this for my son last year and I knew they would like it but I am honestly shocked at how much they ejoyed this and how much they still play with it. It’s a game for Nintendo Switch but it also comes with materials that you use to build something that you eventually play with. My boys have the Vehicle version of Labo but there are other versions that look cool too like the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit.
  4. Lego Sets: Star Wars Revenge of the Sith– Pretty much any Lego set is a homerun.  My boy is into Star Wars but also loves the City sets as well as pretty much anything that he can get his hands on.
  5. Lego Sets:Police Headquarters– This is a set that my son has had his eye on for a long time. He loves to spend hours putting together a big set like this and then playing with it.
  6. Star Wars Jedi Academy Books – My boy also is into reading.  Can’t get enough of adventure books.  This is the first in a series of Star Wars books that combines his beginning love for reading with all things Star Wars. He has gotten a few of these and loves them so if your child is into Star Wars then they may enjoy these.
  7. Nerf Gun – Who doesn’t like to be ambushed in the middle of making dinner or while folding the laundry by some boys looking to attack “the enemy”.  We parents get our revenge as well, from time to time.  Also perfect for the winter months when going outside is limited.
  8. Baker Mayfield jersey– Jerseys can be a little pricey but there’s something special about having your favorite player’s jersey. You can find jerseys for so many players that I’m sure you can find your kid’s hero.
  9. Lego Boost Droid Building Set– Ok, last Star Wars gift, I promise. This is just too cool not to share. Kids can build 3 droids and then practice coding with this set.
  10. Ticket to Ride: First Journey– This is the kid’s version of Ticket to Ride and it’s amazing. It’s a game we play a lot. We have a lot of fun playing games together as a family and I think this is a game kids 7 or so and up would really enjoy.
  11. Telescope- Our son is very interested in space now and has put a telescope onto his birthday list. We spoke with a friend who is knowledgeable about them and this is the one he recommended for him.
  12. Basketball hoop- We got a hoop this past year and we get so much use out of it that it was well worth it. We all love to play together and I love seeing how much our boys love it.

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