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Women’s Gift Ideas for Christmas

I know that I am always in search of great gift ideas and I thoroughly appreciate other’s gift guides so I thought I’d share my women’s gift guide for you all today.

For my guide for I am including items that are either on my own wishlist this year or are items I already love and I highly recommend as gifts. I hope that there’s something in here that gives you an idea for someone on your list whether it’s your wife, your mother, sister or friend.

women's gift guide
  1. Rustic Letter Board- My husband recently got me a letter board and I love it! The kids love to see what the messages change to each week.
  2. The Beautiful Word Coloring Bible– Bible journaling seems a bit too lofty for me but I love coloring the predrawn graphics in this coloring Bible. I got it for Christmas last year and I’m still enjoying it as a part of my studies.
  3. Roomba Robot Vacuum– I love my Roomba. It’s absolutely amazing being able to have the floors cleaned when we aren’t even home. The Roomba does a fantastic job and I’m thoroughly pleased with it. Yes, it’s a practical gift but to me it’s a wonderful gift because it’s the gift of time.
  4. Cricut Maker Bundle– Looking for a gift for your crafty lady? The Cricut Maker is amazing. You can use it make vinyl projects, fabric projects, paper projects and so much more. I love my Cricut Maker and I think that this bundle is fantastic for starters because it includes some tools and materials to really get you started with it.
  5. Will Tree Figure- I’m not a huge knick-knack person but for some reason I like these and I have wanted a mother with two sons one for a while.
  6. Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals– I’ve tried these on many times and this year I’ve put them on my Christmas list. They’re amazingly comfortable.
  7. FitBit Ultra HR- I have had my fitbit for I think about 2 years now and I love how it challenges me. It’s also the perfect size for me as I can’t stand anything too bulky or heavy on my wrist.
  8. Onion Chopper– This kitchen tool helps me so much. I can fly through tons of chopping for soups and other chopping-heavy recipes in no time at all. I buy these as wedding presents for many people because I really do love it so much.
  9. Slipper Socks– Every year I ask for new slipper socks. I tend to be cold and so I wear them all the time. It’s a simple, inexpensive gift that gives a little pampering for the receiver.

I hope this gave you a few ideas for Christmas for the women in your life! Let me know your ideas in the comments below!

Mary Martha Mama