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Gift Guide for 5 Year Old Boys

About a week ago I shared my gift guide for 3 year old boys based on what my boys have enjoyed around age 3 and today I’m sharing my gift guide for 5 year old boys.  My older son is getting closer to 6 but these are ideas that boys around 5 or so would love based on our experiences.

Girls would probably love a lot of these things too but I’ve focused my gift guides on boys because I have 2 boys and that’s what I know.  So if you’re looking for some gift ideas for the 5 year old in your life here’s a few:

5-year-old-gift-guide-booksWe love to read together.  My son is currently a beginning reader so we are loving all sorts of short readers like the Batman Phonics set.  The Hear Me Read Bible was a gift from his school and is a great one for beginning readers as well.

The Batman sticker book is more of an activity book but my sons both love the sticker books from DK and they are getting new ones for Christmas this year.  They are great for keeping kids entertained in the car.

5-year-old-gift-guide-gamesMy son can’t get enough of games right now.  We’ve been playing a lot of Crazy 8s around here.  The first week of school my son came home talking all about how much he loved a game at school they played called Uno.  We’ve got a few of these games but we will be adding more this Christmas.


I think it goes without saying that kids love Legos.  I always recommend a basic set of bricks that they can be creative with and then you can add in a set or two of something they love like Batman or the Lego City sets.  I love sitting and working through the building process with my son.  The drill set is pretty awesome too, especially for times when you want your child to work independently.


An outside playset or swingset is an expensive gift, but it’s worth it’s weight in gold.  We have had ours for about 6 months now and our boys play on it all the time.  I wish we had gotten one sooner.  And you really can’t go wrong with a bike if your kid has outgrown his first one.  I still remember the Christmas that I got my big kid bike.


I love to watch my son use his imagination.  My boys particularly love their Imaginext toys.  We have quite a few of them- some were gifts and some we picked up at yard sales but they are all played with constantly.  And probably the number one gift I recommend for all kids is a play kitchen.

5-year-old-gift-guide-artWe have all the basic art supplies at the ready on our art table but some of these like the Water Wows are especially good for on the go.  And my son’s teacher uses Mr. Sketch markers to draw smiley faces on their papers so he’s obsessed with them and will be delighted to open them up on Christmas morning.  And yes, I did discuss how we only smell certain markers with him already.

What gifts would you add to the list?  Tell me in the comments below.

If you need more ideas be sure to check out my gift guide for 3 year old boys and my gift guide for 2 year old boys.


Mary Martha Mama