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Noah’s Ark Activities [Free Printables]

It’s been quite some time since I first began this pack of Noah’s Ark activities but life has been life so here we are some months later but it’s finally done. 

These twenty-four pages contain a variety of Noah’s Ark activities that I hope you and your child or Sunday school class will enjoy.  I’m working my way through the Bible and so far I’ve shared my Creation Preschool Pack and my Adam & Eve Preschool Pack.  If you like this one be sure to check those out too!

Noah's Ark Activities: 24 pages of free printable activities to help children learn the story of Noah and the ark

Noah’s Ark Activities

Letter Tracing Worksheets

These are great for working on fine motor skills and letter formation.  With these worksheets I often laminate them or slip them into a page protector so that my son can use dry erase markers to do them more than once. 

I use a this laminator and these Crayola washable dry erase markers and love both.

Noah's Ark activities R is for Rainbow

Pattern practice

Pattern Practice

Story Sequencing

I have to help my son complete this but I find it to be a good activity for reviewing the details of the Bible stories that we are learning.

noahs ark prek pack story sequence page 1
noahs ark prek pack story sequence page 2

Pre-writing Tracing

This is a good fine motor practice particularly for those who have not quite worked their way up to letter tracing very well.

Noah's ark tracing page

Counting Practice

This allows for practice with counting, cutting, and gluing.

Counting practice page


Noah's ark picture puzzles

My 4 year old loves cutting and snipping.  If your child is just beginning to work on scissor skills start with just snipping activities.

snipping practice

Lacing Cards

Cut out around these shapes including the dots.  You’re going to want to either print these on a heavy cardstock, laminate, or mount onto cardboard.  Then punch holes through the dots and lace with a shoe lace. 

My sons love to practice with lacing.

lacing cards

Key verse

This is my favorite verse from this story and I like to work on memorizing Scriptures with my son so I included a little practice activity to help work on it.  We keep these sheets up where we can see them from the dinner table and I try to review with him at each meal.

Genesis 6:8 tracing page

Get the Noah’s Ark Activities

You can downloacd the Noah’s Ark Preschool Pack by clicking here.  Please remember that this pack is for your personal noncommercial use only.

Additional Noah’s Ark Activities

  • In addition to these sheets I like to provide my son (or class if I’m teaching at the time) with opportunities to play with our toy Noah’s ark.  We have the Little People one which has held up great for about 4 years now and is still a favorite.
  • My sons also enjoy Veggie Tales and like Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah’s Umbrella.  For those of you who have Amazon Prime this is one of the free Veggie Tale Videos on Amazon Instant Video.

I hope that you and your family or students enjoy these activities.  Please let me know if there is any sort of activity that you’d like to see included as I make more packs.

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