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Adam and Eve Story for Kids [Free Printable Activities]

A few weeks ago I shared my Creation Preschool Pack and today I’m back with my second one to share!  This one picks up where the creation story ends and is all about the Adam and Eve story for kids.

The Adam and Eve Story for Kids: Free printable activity pages to help kids learn the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible.

Like I shared before, I have been so blessed by others sharing their activities on the internet that I wanted to share some things that I have come up with to use here at home and in my Sunday school class to supplement our curriculum. 

Please feel free to use these Adam and Eve story for kids printables for your own personal (non-commercial) use. 

So here’s what you’ll find in this pack:

Letter Tracing Practice Pages

These are great for working on fine motor skills and letter formation.

Adam and Eve story for kids

Snipping & Cutting Practice

My 4 year old loves cutting and snipping right now.  If your child is just beginning to work on scissor skills start with just snipping activities.

tracing practice page

Pre-writing Tracing

This is a good fine motor practice particularly for those who have not quite worked their way up to letter tracing very well.

prewriting tracing page


These might be the favorite activity of my son and the kids in my Sunday School.  Simply cut out the strips and then have them put them in order to complete each word puzzle. 

This works best if you print them on cardstock or laminate them.

Adam and Eve word puzzles

Letter Block Spelling Pages

I first started using alphabet block spelling as an arrival activity for my Sunday school kids to do last month.  I love when an activity is more object oriented and less paper oriented so this is one of my favorites. 

If you don’t have blocks on hand I’ve included a sheet that you can print and cut out paper letters to use instead.

Adam and Eve letter block spelling

Memory Matching Game

This one works best if you print on cardstock or if you print on regular paper and then glue onto cardstock or construction paper so that you cannot see through the paper.

Adam and Eve memory game

Counting Practice

Depending on your child’s scissor skill level you can cut out the numbers or you can have them cut out the numbers and then glue them on to the squares.

Adam and Eve counting

Story Sequencing Activity

I love using these to review the stories.  Again, depending on their scissor skill level you could have them cut out the pictures or you could do it and then help them put it all in order.

Adam and Eve sequencing

Letter Focus Pages

I picked a few letters to focus on in this story.  In future preschool packs I’ll focus on other ones. 

To get the most out of these pages or many of the other pages you can slip them into page protectors and have your child practice with dry erase markers or crayons.  We use the Crayola Washable Dry Erase Markers for kids.

A is for Adam page

Pattern Practice Pages

Cut out the pictures at the bottom of the second page and use them to complete patterns 1 to 6.

Adam and Eve pattern practice

Download the Adam & Eve Pre-K Pack

You can download the entire pack by clicking here.

I hope that you enjoy these Adam and Eve story for kids activities along with your child or students. 

More Bible Fun

Want more free Bible printables for preschoolers?  Check out my Printables page!


Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

The Adam&Eve pack and the Creation pack are perfect supplements for my PreK and K children to work on alongside their older siblings as we make our way thru Mystery of History Vol. I this year. We look forward to Noah's Ark and would also love a pack on the 10 Commandments!


Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

Thank you so much! I began working on Noah's ark forever ago but life has been busy and just have not finished it! But I did set aside this week to work on it so I am hoping to get it posted later this week. Thanks for your input! I will definitely consider making a 10 commandments pack.

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