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Creation Bible Story for Preschoolers Activity Pack

I’m very excited to share something new with you this morning! I made a Creation Bible Story for Preschoolers activity pack!

creation prek pack pinterest

As a mom and Sunday school teacher I’m very interested in helping to bring the Bible to life for my kids and for the kids I teach.  We have a great curriculum for our Sunday school but often times I feel the need to supplement with a few things that I make on my own, like the Jesus alphabet block activity I shared a few weeks ago.

To help prepare my son for preschool I have used preschool packs that other moms have generously shared on their websites. 

Those preschool packs have been such a hit with my son that they inspired me to create some of my own to go along with what we are reading in our Bible together.

And I’m going to share them all with you- starting with today’s preschool pack: the Creation Bible Story for Preschoolers.

Here’s what you will find in the old pack:

  • Number Activity Pages (Pages 3-9) For each of these pages your child will practice tracing the numbers.  Then read the part of the Bible story for that day (either from the sheet or your Bible) and help them to complete the activity.
creation bible story for preschoolers
  • Number Tracing Practice (Page 10) Have your child practice tracing the numbers.  You can make this a little more fun by letting them do each number in a different color.
creation bible story for preschoolers number page
  • Counting Practice (Pages 11-13) Cut out the numbers on page 13 and then have your child place the numbers on the correct pictures.
creation prek pack counting practice
  • Story Sequence (Pages 14-15) Cut out the pictures on page 15 and then have your child put them in order on page 14.
creation prek pack ordering 2
  • Tracing Practice (Pages 16-17) Have your child trace along the dotted lines.
creation prek pack tracing 1

Download the Creation Bible Story for Preschoolers

These are all free for you to use for your personal use in your own home or Sunday School but please do not use them for commercial purposes.  To download the entire pack click here.

Update: I also have a more updated version of the Creation pack that you may enjoy.

sequencing page activity

All children develop at different rates and so depending on the age and abilities of your child you may have to assist them in completing these activities.  For example, older children may be able to do the cutting themselves but for younger ones you may need to do the cutting.

Above all try to have fun doing these activities together.  Don’t put too much pressure on correctness.

Sometimes I use our laminator to laminate these sheets so that we can use our dry erase markers to do these multiple times.  Alternately sometimes I simply slide the printable into a page protectors and that works too.

I hope you enjoy these free printables.  Please feel free to share and pin this resource so that others will see it.  Next week I will be back to share my next free printable Pre-K Pack: Adam and Eve.


If you’re looking for a good Bible for your child I highly recommend the Read with Me Bible for Toddlers for kids that are 2-3 and The Jesus Storybook Bible for 4-5 year olds.  We use both with our children and absolutely adore them.  Both relate Bible stories in a way that our children enjoy and are perfect lengths for their attention spans.

Want more free Bible printables for preschoolers?  Check out my Printables page!

Lauren M

Wednesday 11th of November 2015

i love how you integrated the creation story concepts with number and handwriting skills. thanks for creating and sharing this! :)


Wednesday 11th of November 2015

Lauren, you are so welcome!

Lori Boutelle

Wednesday 5th of August 2015

I love this!!! Can't wait to use them with my 4 year old! :) Thank you!!


Wednesday 5th of August 2015

Aw, I'm so glad to hear that someone can use this! Next week I'll be sharing one on Adam and Eve that will have even more pages.

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