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Adam and Eve Coloring Pages

I have been working on a bunch of printables lately and I am so excited to share them with you all. Today I am sharing some Adam and Eve Coloring pages and I hope that you and your kiddos love them.

These fun Adam and Eve coloring pages help preschool and early elementary children learn the story of Adam and Eve from the Bible.

Free Adam and Eve Coloring Page

The first coloring page is absolutely free! It features scenes from the story of Adam and Eve found in Genesis chapters 2 and 3. You could have your children or Sunday School students color in each scene as your read the story out loud to them.

free printable Adam and Eve coloring page

You can download the free coloring page here.

This coloring page is free for your personal (non-commercial) use. You may use it in your home with your own kids or in your classroom but please don’t sell them.

Be sure to check your printer settings and do a print preview to ensure that the page will print correctly. If the page does not look correct then try to adjust your printer settings.

Coloring Pages for Purchase

I also made a set of 7 pictures that is available for purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Each page features a scene and Bible verses from the story. If they can read, they can read the verses for each scene or you can read them aloud.

Adam and Eve coloring page partly colored in
one page printed about with markers
free printable Adam and Eve Coloring Pages

I think that it would be very cool to take a week to review the story and have your kiddos color in a page each day. You could display the page for each day on a bulletin board or on the wall. Then you can use them for visual reminders of the story when you review it each day.

The pack of seven printable Adam and Eve coloring pages is available for purchase from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

You may also enjoy this video from The Beginner’s Bible on the Creation and Adam and Eve.

YouTube video

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