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PreK Sight Words Worksheets

Sight words are such an important component to learning to read and they’ve been a big deal in our house over the past couple of years as the boys have learned to read. To help you and your kiddos get in some sight word practice I am sharing some PreK Sight Words Worksheets that I made recently.

Looking for some preK sight words worksheets? These printables will help your child or students to practice with sight words from the Dolch PreK list.

On each sheet your kiddo will work through the same set of activities with the words. First they will practice reading the word two times.

Then they will color the word and circle or highlight it in the Find section. Next they will practice tracing it with and without arrows. Finally they will practice writing the word on their own.

preschool sight words worksheets

If you want to use the worksheets multiple times you can laminate them or slip them into a clear plastic page protector and then have the kiddos complete them with a dry erase marker. You could even make a binder with all of the words in page protectors inside of it to have them all organized in one place.

These worksheets are based off of the Dulch PreK Sight Words list. I have a free packet featuring 5 of the most common words from the list (the, too, and, a, I) and a packet available for purchase from my Teachers Pay Teachers store that features all 40 sight words from the Dolch preK list.

Free PreK Sight Words Worksheets

These printable worksheets are free for your non-commercial use either at home or in the classroom. You can get the free worksheets here.

Once you open the pdf please be sure to do a print preview and check your printer settings so that you can ensure that the worksheets will print correctly.

Worksheets for all 40 Words

You can get the printable worksheet packet that has all 40 of the preK sight words from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. The packet is 40 pages with one page for each sight word.

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