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Letter Tracing Worksheets [Free Handwriting Practice]

I’ve been making up a bunch of letter tracing worksheets to try to help my son with his handwriting and now that I’ve gotten all the way from A to Z I can share them with you all in one big post!

Use these free letter tracing worksheets to help your kiddo learn proper letter formation for upper and lower case letters A to Z.

In this free PDF file there are 52 pages of free printable letter tracing worksheets. For each letter of the alphabet there is one page for the upper case and one page for the lower case.

Free Letter Tracing Worksheets: Upper Case X Sheet
Free Letter Tracing Worksheets: Lower Case X Sheet

Every sheet features 3 lines. On the first line you trace with the help of numbers and arrows. For the second line those numbers and arrows go away. On the final line you practice writing the letter all on your own.

In order to get multiple practices out of one sheet you can pop the page into a page protector, dry erase pouch or laminate it. Then you can use dry erase markers and wipe after each practice.

letter A tracing worksheet inside of dry erase pouch

Get the Free Letter Tracing Worksheets

You can get the free printable tracing sheets here.

Get More Handwriting Worksheets

In addition to the free set I have come up with some more letter tracing worksheets. I just think that there are so many ways that you can try to work on handwriting so I wanted to provide a variety of them.

These are all available for purchase as individual sets or together as a part of a big bundle at my Teacher’s Pay Teachers Store.

Tracing without Arrows & Tracing with Arrows

I have one set that features 26 pages where you trace over the dashed lines without arrows. There is a similar 26 page set where you trace over the dashed lines but there are arrows to help guide you. I find the arrows to be a big help for my son at this stage of the game for us.

letter a tracing

Letter Tracing with a Starting Dot

Another set that I made features tracing over dashed lines with a green dot on each letter to tell you where to begin and a guide at the top right hand corner of each page to remind you how to draw the letter.

There are 52 pages in this set, 26 for the upper case forms of the letters and 26 for the lower case forms of the letters.

starting dot pages

Rainbow Letter Tracing

The Rainbow Letter Tracing might be my favorite set. For this set you trace over the dashed letters with arrows. For each line you do the color of the line so that in the end you make a rainbow.

There are 52 pages in this set, 26 for the upper case versions of the letters and 26 for the lower case versions of the letters.

rainbow tracing

A to Z on 1 Page

These A to Z pages are sheets that feature all the letters on one page- one with arrows and one without.

without and with arrows

The Big Bundle

If you like all of these then you can get them together in the Big Handwriting Bundle. Bundling them all together costs less than buying them all separately.

big handwriting bundle

Letter Video

You may also like this letter tracing video for kids:

YouTube video

More Free Printables

If you’re looking for more free printables then check out my Printables Page. Or you may also be interested in my Letter of the Week Show and Tell Ideas for A to Z post.

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