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How to Make a Cross Wreath for Easter

Sometimes the idea for a project sits around my head for a while before I finally get down to making it and today I finally got around to making something I’ve wanted to make for years. The project I’m sharing with you today is how to make a cross wreath for Easter and I am so excited to finally have made this one.

how to make a cross wreath for Easter tutorial

It all started a couple of years ago when I saw the most gorgeous wreath on the LaRoque Instagram page. Laroque is a designer clothing shop by AnnaBelle LaRoque that makes gorgeous clothes but one day she shared this wreath that she made and I have been wanting to make my own version ever since.


How to Make a Cross Wreath Tutorial

Make the Cross Form

I used cardboard because honestly I did not add a lot of weight to the wreath so it worked just fine for my purposes, especially because I used magnets to hang it on my metal front door. If you plan to add heavier flowers and leaves to your wreath or you need to attach it to your door differently because your door is wooden then you may wish to make a cross form from some thin wood.

cardboard cross form

As far as measurements go, the cross I made is 30 inches vertically and 26 inches horizontally.

Attach the Leaves

First I used wire cutters to cut the stems off of the leaves. Then I played around with placement of the leaves and when I figured out where I wanted them I hot glued them down.

hot gluing the leaves onto the diy cross wreath
adding more leaves
adding more leaves

I wanted a layered look and so I did cut some of the leaves to fit how I wanted them to fit.

cutting the leaves
the finished leaves attached

Add the Magnets

I added the magnet strips to the back of the cross. The ends of some of the strips wanted to curl up a little but so I just added a bit of hot glue under those spots where the adhesive didn’t want to hold.

adding magnets to the back of the diy cross wreath

Add the Flowers

I cut the stems off of the flowers and then I played around with the flowers a little bit to see how I wanted to arrange them on the front. Once I was happy with it I snapped a picture on my phone to have as a reference. I always do this so I can remember exactly where I wanted to put them. Then I glued them all into place.

adding purple flowers to the diy cross wreath
diy cross wreath close up
diy cross wreath made with how to make a cross wreath tutorial
how to make a cross wreath for easter on the door
how to make a cross wreath step by step tutorial

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Deirdre Henry

Wednesday 1st of June 2022

Your cross wreath is very beautiful. So in keeping with the Easter season. The pictures and instructions are very clear. Thank you for showing how to make it. Deirdre.


Thursday 2nd of June 2022

Thank you so much!

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