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Cricut Easter Basket Tutorial

A few weeks ago I found these cute Easter baskets in the Target Dollar Spot and knew they would make some cute Easter baskets with a little help from my Cricut Maker 3. If you like this style you can apply the steps from this tutorial to make your own Cricut Easter Basket with the images and initials that you like.

Cricut Easter Basket Tutorial to make personalized Easter Baskets

Supplies Needed

plastic Easter baskets

Cricut Easter Basket Tutorial

Make Your Design

Open up Design Space. Choose an image that you like to use for the silhouette of your design. Then type out the name or initials that you want to use in your design. You can adjust the size and font to make it look how you would like.

Cricut Easter Basket making the labels in Design Space

Now place your initial or word on top of the silhouette image. Adjust the size and placement until you like what you have.

Then select both the text and the image. You can click on both on the sidebar menu to the left to select them. Then click the slice button on the bottom right of Design Space.

Adding the text in Design Space

Your design is now cut into three parts. If you move the silhouette and click on the text you will be able to delete the text now.

Eliminating the text from the design

Cut the Design

Now click the green Make It button. Design Space is now going to walk you through loading your material and the appropriate cutting tool. I love using smart vinyl for this project and my vinyl roll holder makes this so so easy with the Maker 3.

Cricut Maker 3
vinyl roll holder

Apply the Design

Remove the vinyl from the Cricut Maker 3 when it is done cutting. Then use one of the weeding tools to remove the vinyl that is not part of your design.

weeding the vinyl

Then take the transfer tape and apply it to the front of your vinyl.

applying the transfer tape to the vinyl

Press the transfer tape down firmly on both the front and back to get it to adhere to the vinyl. Then peel the paper backing away from the vinyl.

the vinyl on the transfer tape

Now use the transfer tape to apply the vinyl design to your Cricut Easter Basket.

using transfer tape to apply the vinyl

Smooth the vinyl down completely then peel the transfer tape away.

Cricut Easter basket with the finished label

You’re done! Now fill that Easter basket with some goodies.

Cricut Easter Basket Tutorial- Learn how to make personalized Easter Baskets with the Cricut Maker 3

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