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6 Practical Tips for New Soccer Moms

We have been through a few soccer seasons in our house and I wanted to share some practical tips for all the new soccer moms starting spring soccer right now. These are pretty basic tips so I’m sure even the newest of newbies might find some of this obvious but I would rather share more and have a lot of it be something you already know than not mention something that might be helpful to someone.

soccer gear

Camping Chair

If you do not already have one then get yourself a comfortable camping chair to take out to the fields. Most of the soccer fields around here don’t have bleachers or anything for parents so you are going to want a good chair.

Rain Boots

At the beginning of spring soccer season and the end of fall soccer season the fields are soggy and wet here. And if your kid is playing travel soccer you will have no idea what the other team’s fields are like so you will want to be prepared to walk through anything. My first season I ran around to a few stores to find rain boots after a terribly muddy game. Get your rain boots ahead of time so that you can be prepared.

rain boots

Trash Bags

To keep your car from getting totally trashed you are going to want to keep some trash bags in the back of your car. After a muddy game you can throw your kiddo’s cleats and your rain boots into a trash bag, keeping the back of your car a little bit cleaner.


When my boys take those cleats off and throw them in the trash bags they put their slide sandals on. Even if it’s not muddy it feels good to get out of their cleats and socks. Plus if you need to run an errand after the game they have something to wear that isn’t their cleats.

Extra Water

We always pack a giant water bottle for the game but we also pack a water bottle for after the game that just stays in the car. Without fail, my boys are so thirsty after the game and they drink this water up on the way home too.

Blanket + Poncho

In addition to your camping chair, keep a blanket and a poncho in your car. You never know when it is going to rain and the poncho will be necessary. I also like the blanket because sometimes the morning games are just colder than I even imagined.


These are some practical ways you can prepare yourself for a successful soccer season. The more comfortable and prepared you are, the more you can focus on being present and cheering on the kiddos for all their hard work. I hope that you have a great first season and that you and your kiddos have fun trying something new!

Let me know if you have additional tips in the comments below!

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Thursday 7th of April 2022

A good hat or sunglasses also can be a lifesaver if there is limited areas for seating...


Thursday 7th of April 2022

Oh yes! A hat or sunglasses definitely comes in hand as you don't always know which side of the field you will be sitting on and you could be looking straight into the sun sometimes. Good point!

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