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Two Things I’m Trying to Make School Mornings Easier

We are back to school this week!  Some of you may have already started but I know many of you still have yet to start so I’m passing on 2 little things I’m trying to make mornings easier on school days.

This year we have to head out the door a little bit earlier than last year so I’m trying a few new things to help my boys get out the door on time in the mornings.  Both of these ideas center on getting them more involved in the process to get ready.

Idea #1- Closet Cubbies

I saw this on another blog ages ago (forgive me, I really can’t remember whose) and it came back to me right before school this year while I was thinking about how we could speed up our mornings.  It’s super simple.  I just bought one of those closet organizers with 5 cubbies in it.  On Fridays when I’m doing laundry I simply pull out 5 outfits for the week and put one in each cubby.  I told my son that Monday is on top, then Tuesday, and so on.  I put everything he needs for his outfit in there-shirt, shorts, socks, and underwear.

closet cubby

I love that I can send him up after breakfast to get ready on his own and I don’t have to go up there to help him pick out clothes and make sure he has everything.  I also love that I know going into the week that we have enough, clean, matching clothes ready for each day.  I may have scrambled a few mornings last year to run a load of clothes through the wash just so we would have shorts or something else we needed.  I also love that my sons do not have to rummage through their drawers looking for things… because they leave them looking like this.

messy drawers

Idea #2- Visual Schedule

I don’t love repeating myself (former teacher).  So I have found in the past that giving my kiddos a little schedule that they can look at helps to remind them of the things they need to do in the morning.  If you want, you can grab a printable copy of my morning checklist here.

morning checklist printable morning checklist

Ok, seasoned moms, spill the beans!  Give us all your tips for making mornings smoother in the comments below!

back to school tips

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