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How to Paint a Doormat the Easy Way with Cricut

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love a cute doormat. It’s such a cute way to say “Welcome to our house!” Making the exact doormat that you want has become even easier now with the Cricut Maker 3 and Smart Stencil material. I’ll teach you how to make your own in this step by step tutorial for how to paint a doormat the easy way.

how to paint a doormat with a Cricut

DIY Doormat Supplies

How to Paint a Doormat Tutorial

Design the Image

Pick a fun image in Design Space or create your own. If you would like you can use my Hello Spring project file. Adjust the size of your design to fit your doormat. You can adjust the size of your images and text in the toolbar at the top of the page.

hello spring size adjustment for the how to paint a doormat tutorial

Since I made a stencil for an image that I plan to paint with multiple colors I decided to make everything the same color in Design Space. When the Cricut Maker cuts out the stencil material this makes it so that it is all cut out of the same material. I wanted this for making a stencil so that I can paint each color I want, then remove some more of the cut pieces to paint the next colors. I’ll show this later in the tutorial so you can better understand what I mean.

hello spring image in design space

To change the color of something in Design Space you click on the image or text and then click the little colored square in the toolbar that’s next to the Operation Box.

Cut the Image

Once you are happy with everything click the Make It button.

Then Design Space will walk you through selecting how you will load your materials. I used Smart Stencil so I chose without mat.

picking the mat or meatless

On the next screen you will see the design laid out on the mat showing how it will cut. On the left hand side you can adjust your material size to what you need it to be. Once you have adjusted it appropriately then you click Continue.

the cut image in design space

Next Design Space will walk you through selecting your material and loading the appropriate tool.

selecting materials in design space

Load up your Smart Stencil material, blade, and press Go!

Cricut Maker 3 with Smart Stencil loaded

Weed the Smart Stencil

Once it is cut unload the Smart Stencil material.

the cut design

Use the weeding tool to remove the Smart Stencil that is where you want to paint. BUT… if you are doing a design with multiple colors then do not remove all of the Stencil material. I’ll clarify below…

weeding the design

So I removed all of the writing area because I’m just painting it one color.

stencil weeded

But for the flowers I did not remove all of the little pieces. I kept those on there. As I painted I would pull off a part of these pieces and paint, then do another, and put them back… This will make more sense in the painting section below.

some pieces left

Apply the Stencil

We are going to use transfer tape to apply the stencil to the doormat. The scraper tool really helps with smoothing the transfer tape onto the Smart Stencil. I like to smooth it down on both the front and back of the Smart Stencil.

using the scraper
applying the transfer tape

Once you have smoothed the transfer tape on then you will peel off the paper backing.

pulling the paper backing off of the stencil material

Now take your Smart Stencil and apply it to your doormat.

using the transfer tape to apply the stencil to the mat

Smooth it down with the scraper as best you can and then peel away the transfer tape. This is a little tricky on a coir mat because of the texture so take your time.

the stencil material pressed down on the mat

Now because I painted parts of my mat with multiple colors I did leave some of the pieces of the stencil on the mat for the time being. I painted parts, then I would peel off more pieces to paint those areas.

the stencil material on the mat

Paint the Doormat

Now it’s time to paint! I used a foam craft brush to paint. When stenciling I try to get a little bit of paint onto my brush and then dab the area. Dabbing the paint on will help with getting into the crevices and with also not bleeding.

more painting

Like I mentioned before, in areas that I had to paint multiple colors for the flowers I would leave parts of the stencil on and then peel them off as I painted the different parts of the flowers, making sure to let the paint dry before switching areas. For all of the parts of the doormat I did 2 coats of paint, then I went back through with a smaller paintbrush to dab some of the areas that looked like they needed a little more coverage in the crevices.

painting the different pieces

Let it all dry and you are done! My porch is completely covered but I made sure to use outdoor acrylic paint to help with durability. To help your mat last even longer you could spray it with a light coat of a clear sealant poly.

How to Paint a Doormat with a Cricut
How to Paint a Doormat with a Cricut

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Wednesday 11th of May 2022

Your rug is really lovely! I tried making a mat for our front door using my Circut last spring/summer and while I liked how it turned out I did struggle to get the "stencil" I had made to stay in place on those mats. It can be tricky since nothing really wants to stick to it.


Thursday 12th of May 2022

It is a little tricky! I just kept repressing the stencil vinyl down onto the mat in the areas where I was painting.

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