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Making Christmas Ornaments with Cricut is Easy

One day I was walking along in Hobby Lobby and I spotted these pretty ceramic Christmas ornaments. They were just begging to be personalized so today I’m showing you how making Christmas ornaments with Cricut is super easy.

making christmas ornaments with cricut- 4 different ornaments decorated with vinyl cut by cricut maker

You can use any type of Christmas ornament you want to make this craft (glass, wood, etc)- it all just depends on the look you’re going for. I personally love the look of these white ceramic balls and I think the white makes the text pop.

Supplies Needed for Making Christmas Ornaments with Cricut


Select Your Designs

Open my Christmas Ornaments Cricut Design Space File. When you open it you will see the option to Customize or the option to Make It. Click Customize. Then delete any of the images that you do not want to use.

You can also make this project using any image or text that you want. Simply search through the image files to find something that you like or type something up in a font you like.

Making Christmas Ornaments with Cricut- the different christmas images in cricut design space

You can also resize the images if you would like. I used 3 inch ceramic ornaments for this project but if you use a larger or smaller ornament you may want to adjust the size of the image to better fit your ornaments.

When you’re all done click the Make It button at the top right.

Cut Your Designs

Design Space will then show you your image cuts laid out on a cutting mat. You can move them around on the mat if you need to for some reason. Then click Continue.

the images as they will be cut in design space

Next you will choose your material (Vinyl).

the screen where you select vinyl for the material

The Cricut will then walk you through the next steps of making sure you have the right tool loaded and loading up your mat.

the screen that guides you in putting in the proper tool and loading the mat

Put the vinyl that you need on a standard grip mat with the vinyl facing up (the backing should be the side touching the mat). Load the mat into the machine and press the Go button on your machine.

the cricut maker cutting the vinyl

Prepare Your Designs for Application

When it is all done cutting press the unload button on your machine. Turn your mat upside down and peel the vinyl and mat apart.

Separate the vinyl from the backing at one of the corners of your vinyl and peel away the parts you don’t need.

peeling the excess vinyl from the backing sheet

As you can see in the picture below I have peeled away (weeded out) all of the parts that I don’t need for the two designs to the left but the ones on the right I still have to weed at this point.

all of the different images cut out of vinyl

Apply Your Designs

Once you have weeded your designs then you will cut a piece of transfer tape that’s just a bit bigger than your design.

the transfer tape with the vinyl

Peel the backing off of the transfer tape and apply it to the front of your design, pressing down very firmly.

peeling the transfer tape
applying the transfer tape

Then try to peel away the backing on the back of your vinyl design. If your design isn’t stuck to the transfer tape yet lay the backing paper back down and keep smoothing it firmly to get the vinyl to transfer over. Then peel it again once it’s ready.

peeling the backing off
the vinyl image now on the transfer tape

Now take your scissors and cut some notches into the borders of your transfer tape. You’re applying this flat image to something round so you need to have some wiggle room.

If you look at the picture below I had cut out some notches in the top and bottom but after this picture I added even more. This will help your image transfer more smoothly.

the image on transfer tape with the notches cut in the transfer tape

Apply your vinyl to your ornament starting in the center. Press it down in the center and work your way to the outside corners of the image.

applying the vinyl to the Christmas ornament
pushing down to make sure it's all applied

Peel away the transfer tape, leaving your vinyl on your ornament and you’re done!

the vinyl image on the Christmas ornament

Now go hang your ornaments on a tree to enjoy!

Making Christmas ornaments with cricut finished ornament hanging in a Christmas tree
Making Christmas Ornaments with Cricut- Jingle Bells Christmas ornament
Making Christmas Ornaments with Cricut- Joy to the World Christmas Ornament
Making Christmas Ornaments with Cricut- Oh Holy Night Christmas Ornament
Making Christmas ornaments with Cricut is super easy-  Start with ceramic Christmas ornaments and apply a Christmas image in vinyl and you've got a great, personalized Christmas ornament. #makingchristmasornamentswithcricut #diychristmasornaments #cricutprojects

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