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DIY Farmhouse Wreath for Fall

I almost never decorate with a lot of neutrals y’all so I don’t know what got into me but I saw a centerpiece the other day that inspired me to make a wreath in a more neutral pallete. Instead of the usual burgundies, reds, yellows, and oranges I opted to make a wreath with white pumpkins and today I’m sharing all about how to make my DIY Farmhouse Wreath for Fall.

Looking for some fresh, neutral fall decor for your door?  Follow the tutorial to make this easy DIY Farmhouse Wreath for Fall.

This wreath is so, so easy to make. I managed to make mine in less than 15 minutes and that included time to run down to the basement to get my glue gun.

Supplies for the DIY Farmhouse Wreath for Fall

DIY Farmhouse Wreath for Fall Supplies

DIY Farmhouse Wreath for Fall Tutorial

Add Leaves to Wreath

My bunches of lamb’s ear were pretty large so I cut pieces off of the branches that were a little bit smaller and easier to work with. I used the stems to slide them in to the branches of the grapevine wreath. If your branches need help staying in place you can use a little hot glue.

For my wreath design I decided to basically do one bunch heading in one direction with another bunch heading in the opposite direction. So the two bunches were kind of laying along the front of the wreath with the stems bumping into each other. Then I added a shorter, smaller bunch in the middle to cover up all those stems a little bit.

leaves on wreath

Add Pumpkins to Wreath

Originally I had thought that I would do 5 pumpkins but when I put a few on to see what it would look like I decided on only using 3 pumpkins. The large pumpkin in the center had a long pick to insert it into the wreath easily and the other two did not so I hot glued them onto the wreath.

Before gluing anything down make sure that you check different arrangements to see if you like them. I find that sometimes it helps me to snap a quick picture of my work in progress to see how it’s going.

pumpkins added
closeup of the pumpkins

Add Ribbon

If you have a metal wreath door hanger then you don’t need to add a ribbon. I like to add a ribbon just for the look of it. I went with a deep navy one that I happened to have on hand and I like the simplicity of it.

the finished wreath
DIY Farmhouse Wreath for Fall

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