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DIY Pumpkin Wreath [Five Little Pumpkins]

“Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate…” Our little ones love that book.  We’ve read it so often that my husband and I can both recite it from memory.  In thinking about Halloween this year I wanted to make a new diy pumpkin wreath that the boys would enjoy so I made a 5 Little Pumpkins inspired wreath:

Halloween pumpkins wreath

This is a super simple wreath that anyone can make.  Grab your hot glue guns and get ready to make your own for Halloween.

You will need:


Step 1: Cut your 1/2 yard of fabric into strips that are 2 inches wide X 45 inches long.  If using ribbon then skip this step.fabric strips

Step 2: Use your finger to hold the strip of fabric into place on the back (or a dab of hot glue) and begin to wind it around the wreath form, overlapping about 1/2 of the last row.wrapping the wreath

Step 3: When you get to the end of a strip put a dab of glue on it to keep it secure.  Make sure you do this on the back of the wreath.  All of my strips ended on the back but if yours don’t then cut the end of it off so that it does end on the back of the wreath.wrapping more

Step 4: Start the next strip on the back where the last one left off.  Again, holding it down with your finger initially or using a dab of glue to keep it in place.

Step 5: Keep wrapping around until the entire wreath form is covered.  Glue the end of the last strip onto the back.  If it doesn’t naturally end on the back then cut it to make it do so.wreath form wrapped up

Step 6: Cut out 5 circles of felt (1 large, 2 medium, and 2 small).  Don’t worry about making them perfect circles.  I made mine a little wonky on purpose so that they look a little more organic and whimsical.  Then cut into the circle and cut a swirl around in the inside of each one.felt for pumpkins spiral cut

Step 7: Starting in the middle put a line of hot glue along the inside edge of the swirl and press the middle onto the top of that line of glue so that they overlap just a little.twisting and gluing gluing more

Step 8: Keep going until you get all the way to the end of the swirl and then tuck the swirl in a little.  Do this for each of the circles you cut.glued pumpkins

Step 9: Cut a rectangle stem out of the black felt for each pumpkin.  Glue the stems to the back of the pumpkins.  Then glue the pumpkins onto the wreath, putting the biggest in the middle and then putting the medium ones next, and the smallest on the outside.stems added pumpkins on wreath

Step 10: Cut 3 2 X 3 inch rectangles from the black felt.  Then cut a small triangle out to the bottom of each.

Step 11: Cut “BOO” out of white felt.  Glue the letters onto the black rectangles with notches.  Then glue a black string onto the back, leaving 1 inch of space between each rectangle.  Glue the little banner onto the back of the wreath and you’re done!boo bannerHalloween pumpkins wreath Halloween pumpkins wreath DIY Halloween pumpkins wreath diy pumpkin wreath clsoeup

Do your kids love the Five Little Pumpkins book?  Have you started decorating for Halloween?  Or am I just bonkers early?

diy pumpkin wreath

Mary Martha Mama