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Healthy Mama Challenge {Week 8}

My wagon is draggin this morning.  Baby S was up a few times last night coughing so by extension I was up quite a bit too.  And since he’s not really a baby anymore (he’s 15 months old but still my baby) I’m not used to night waking.  When I’m tired I crave sugar and this morning is no exception, but so far I’m making good choices.  Remember last week’s post?

one good choice quoteSince then I’ve been trying to make good choices and I’ve succeeded most of the time.  I’ve been doing my workouts as scheduled and making good food choices overall.  I have had a few indulgences this past week (Sunday morning I had a big stack of waffles) but far more often I have made more sensible choices.  Here’s how my week was in terms of numbers:

Weight Lost

I weighed in this morning and since last Wednesday I have lost 5.2 pounds- a loss of 3.0% for the week. Since beginning 8 weeks ago I have lost  8.2 pounds (4.7 %) overall. I have a few weight loss goals-

  • Get to a healthy BMI (2.8 pounds to go)
  • Get to my pre-pregnancy weight (4.8 pounds to go)
  • Get to my pre-marriage weight (9.8 pounds to go)
  • Total Weight Loss Goal {Get back to my ideal weight} (19.8 pounds to go)

So basically this week I just battled back to lose the weight that I gained last week.  I am happy to be back where I am and I’m really hoping to put one foot in front of the other this week and continue to make good choices through Thanksgiving.  Anyone have any good advice for making it through Thanksgiving while still making good choices?


Wednesday 19th of November 2014

Way to go, that is awesome progress! I wish I had some tips for making good choices at Thanksgiving, I'm afraid I'm going to want to just eat all the food!


Wednesday 19th of November 2014

Thanks for the encouragement Julia!

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