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Modern Mud Room Makeover with the Cricut Maker

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

We recently moved into a new home which we love however there are a lot or rooms that need updating. Our mud room/ laundry room came with bright green paint on the walls and a place for the washer and dryer but not too much else. Today I’m going to show you how I turned it into a modern mud room with the help of my Cricut Maker.

#AD With the help of my Cricut Maker I put together a modern mudroom space in the laundry room of my new house. #cricutmade

Before the Modern Mud Room Makeover

Our new home is from the 1990s and has some bolder color choices. The most bold color choice of all was the lime sherbet green of the laundry room. Believe it or not the color actually looks more subdued in the pictures than it does when you’re in the room in real life.

modern mudroom makeover- before photos
modern mudroom makeover- before photos

So my plan for the room was to paint the walls a more subdued color, bring in some more organization, and paint the floor. The linoleum floor was a yellow-ish off-white with gold specks in it. My goal was to neutralize it in terms of color and to paint it with a fun pattern that’s reminiscent of a cement tile look.

modern mudroom makeover- before photos

The Walls

The very first thing I did was to paint the walls a soft blue/green color. This calmed things down tremendously. Then I painted the floor a medium gray. For the floor I used a paint specifically for floors and porches. This way it should hold up well to the traffic in the mudroom/laundry room.

the walls and floor painted as step 1 of the modern mud room makeover
the walls and floor painted in the modern mud room makeover

The Floor

Making the Stencil

I wanted to add a little interest to the floor so I decided to make a floor stencil with my Cricut Maker. I grabbed a tile image from Design Space and adjusted the size to what I wanted (11 inches). You can grab my Mud Room Tile Stencil file here if you want to use the exact one. Adjust the size in the toolbar to what you want and then click the Make button.

mud room tile stencil file opened in Design Space

You will then see the stencil as it will be cut on the mat. Click the Continue button.

the mudroom tile stencil shown on the cutting mat

Then you will choose your material. To make the stencils I used blank plastic stencil film, which you can find if you search stencil in the materials section. One thing I did do for this project is adjust the pressure from Default to High. Run a test with your material and see how it works for you, then adjust accordingly. Once you’ve loaded the right tools click the Go button.

adjusting the cutting pressure in Design Space

For my stencil material I found it worked well to use my LightGrip cutting mat.

cutting the stencil out with the Cricut Maker 3

When the cutting was done I removed the stencil from the mat by holding the mat with the face side down and peeling the mat away from the plastic stencil. Then I weeded out the pieces of plastic that I did not need.

Peeling the cutting mat away from the stencil
the stencil partially weeded

Stenciling the Pattern

I made a couple of stencils so that I could work more quickly. Then I took the stencils and laid them on the floor. I painted a the pattern using a stencil brush. A key to stenciling is to use very little paint so that you don’t have bleeding.

the modern mud room tile stencil on the floor
the partially stenciled pattern on the floor

As with the gray I used a white floor paint for the stencil pattern. I did have a few areas where I had bleeding or I smeared a little because I moved a stencil too much so I did go back in after stenciling everything and cleaned up some of the lines.

the finished stencil floor

The Hooks

When we moved in this hook rack was already in the room. My initial thought was to replace it with something more modern for a modern mud room but I decided to paint it instead. I like reusing things when I can. The hook rack was really sturdy it just needed a little bit of a facelift. I covered it with a few thin coats of spray paint followed by some light coats of a clear protective top coat.

the hook rack before updating
the hook rack after painting
the mud room hook rack with book bags and lunch bags

The Sign

To make things homey I made a cute little sign to welcome my boys home since this is where they come and drop off shoes and stuff when they get home. My little one really wanted it to say “home sweet home” so I used that saying.

I found a cute blank wooden sign shaped like a house at the craft store. I painted the inside white and the outline a navy.

wooden sign shaped like a house
the wooden sign painted

Then I designed an image with some text on Design Space. You can get my Home Sweet Home file here. For my sign I decided to cut the words out of the walnut veneer. To cut the walnut veneer it is recommended that you use a StrongGrip mat and use some painter’s tape around the edges to keep it extra secure. You also will need to use the Deep-Point Blade for this product.

walnut wood veneer taped to the strong grip mat

After cutting the letters out I removed the material that I did not need. Then I pressed Cricut transfer tape onto the front of the letters.

the words home sweet home cut out
Cricut transfer tape applied to the words

I flipped my mat over and carefully peeled the transfer tape off of the mat, pulling the letters with it.

peeling the mat away so that the words stay on the transfer tape
the wood veneer words on the transfer tape

I lined the back of the letters with some craft glue and then pressed the letters down onto my house sign. Then I carefully peeled the transfer tape away.

using the transfer tape to move the words onto the wooden sign to glue them down

While the words were drying I weighted them down with a book so that they would not curl up. Then I hung the sign up in the mud room.

the finished home sweet home sign hanging on the wall

More Storage

When I think of a modern mud room I think of good storage. I decided to add in two main storage areas into the mud room that were not there before in order to make it function well for our family. The first area that I wanted was a place for my kids to sit and take off their shoes when they come into the house and a place to store them. I landed on a storage bench with some plastic storage cubes that house their shoes and sandals.

show storage bench in the modern mud room
#AD With the help of my Cricut Maker I put together a modern mudroom space in the laundry room of my new house. #cricutmade

The second storage area that I added into the mud room was a shelf above the washer and dryer. We have 10 foot ceilings and so it just makes sense to use the vertical space. I have laundry detergent and a couple of baskets up there to store extra household items like toilet paper and paper towels.

the new shelf above the washer and dryer
baskets on the new shelf in the modern mud room

I am so happy that we have updated the look of the laundry/mud room but I’m equally happy that we have created a more functional space for our family. My Cricut Maker makes it so easy for me to create beautiful, custom projects that help me to make our home truly ours. I hope you enjoyed my modern mud room makeover and I look forward to sharing more projects from our new home soon.

#AD With the help of my Cricut Maker I put together a modern mudroom space in the laundry room of my new house. #cricutmade

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