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Baby Bib Pattern for the Cricut Maker

I love using my Cricut Maker for cutting fabric for my sewing projects. In my initial review of the Cricut Maker I showed how I made a baby bib with my basic baby bib pattern and today I’m sharing my new baby bib pattern for the Cricut Maker.

Use this baby bib pattern for the Cricut Maker to easily cut out fabric to make baby bibs in no time at all!  Includes full tutorial with pictures.

Supplies Needed

Cricut Maker Bib Tutorial

Get the Project File

Open up design space and then open up this- Square Corner Bib. Click “Make” and then it will take you to the mat screen. Here you’ll see where it will cut out the fabric on your mat and you can move it if you need to.

You can also change the number of “Project Copies” to 2 because you need to cut out fabric for both the front and back of the bib. Then click “continue”.

baby bib pattern for the cricut maker cut file screen shot

Cut Your Fabrics

On the next screen you will be walked through the steps to set up your machine to cut. Pick your material from the list or click “Browse all materials” if you don’t see it.

screenshot of selecting the right material

Then be sure to put in the right blade (the rotary cutting blade in this case) and then smooth your piece of fabric onto the cutting mat. Load your mat into the machine. Press the “Go” button and it will do all the cutting for you.

screenshot of choosing the right fabric

After you have cut one then you will load the mat with your fabric on it into the machine and have it cut the second piece.

Pin and Sew

Lay your terrycloth piece down and then lay the cotton fabric piece down on top of that with the right side down. Pin or clip them together. Then sew around the outside (sewing about 1/2 inch from the edge) almost all the way around but leave a few inches unsewn on the bottom edge.

the baby bib pieces with sewing clips holding them together and dashed lines showing where to sew

Clip and Notch

Clip diagonally across the corners. You’ll cut a little triangle off of each one but be careful not to cut into your stitches.

the corners cut off diagonally

Around the neckline you will want to cut some notches. These notches and clipped corners will help everything to lay nice and flat once you turn it right side out.

notches cut into the neckline of the baby bib

Topstich and Add Closure

Reach into the hole that you left open in the bottom and turn the bib right side out. Give it a good press with your iron. Then topstitch all the way around the edges of the bib sewing 1/4 inch from the edge. Finally attach the velcro or snaps that you will use to close the bib.

lines and circles drawn to show where to sew and where to attach the velcro ovals

And then you’re all done!

finished bib made with the baby bib pattern for the Cricut Maker

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