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Wear to Where: My BBQ Outfit

Good morning!  I hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start.  This morning I’m taking part in a fun blog tour called Wear to Where.  All week long fashion and sewing bloggers have been sharing their picks for outfits that every girl needs for the events of summer- outdoor festivals, the farmer’s market, glamping, summer weddings, baseball games, BBQs, and picnics.

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Initially I was thinking of making a cute little sundress but the reality is I have 2 little boys and I tend to do quite a bit of chasing them around at events so pants are a more practical option.  I didn’t want to get stuck trying to get my kid out of a tree while wearing a sundress.  I have enough challenges in my life.

So I opted to make a top and a pair of jeans that I could get a lot of use out of this summer.  I have had my eye on colored jeans since about 2012 when they had become popular.  As you can see I am uber-quick to jump onto new style trends.  I’ve tried on many a pair but I’ve never been able to find that combination of right color and good fit.  So I made a pair.

wear to where pants I madewear to where pants from the sideI bought some kelly green denim and used Burda Style’s Anita pattern.  This was my first time making jeans and I was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety but I’m thrilled with how they turned out.  I made a change with the back pocket but other than that I followed the pattern.

wear to where pants I madeYou might be thinking jeans might be a little too hot for summer but a lot of the summer parties that we attend are in the evening and I like having the extra coverage both for the slight chill and for the mosquitoes.  I always like to wear jeans for the Fourth of July picnic at my in-laws’ house because by the time the fireworks start it’s always a little chilly to me.

I might adjust things a little for my next time around.  The waist was a little big on me so I might size down a little bit there.

wear to where pants I paired the jeans with a crisp white blouse that I got from Target years ago.  There is something so fresh about white in the summer.

What is your go-to BBQ outfit?

Be sure to check out all the other blogger’s outfits for inspiration.

Mary Leigh

Sunday 29th of May 2016

Great job with the jeans! They look awesome. Green is one of my favorite colors and white is always perfect for the summer!


Sunday 29th of May 2016

Thanks Mary Leigh!


Saturday 28th of May 2016

Well done with the jeans! Green is a great, fresh colour for summer wear, and I agree - I wear jeans year round (almost - only when it' approaching 30 degrees C, do I swap out). Nothing beats a classic pair of jeans :)


Sunday 29th of May 2016

Thanks Kat!

Katy M.

Saturday 28th of May 2016

This green is amazing!! You look great...and I'm so with you on needing extra protection from mosquitos. Why do they love me so much?


Saturday 28th of May 2016

Thank you! I really love this shade of green and have a few pops of it in my closet. And yes, the mosquitoes!

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