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The 10 Commandments Activities

Good morning!  I am so excited to share a new preschool printable pack with you all this morning: The 10 Commandments Activities. 

Actually, I’m sharing 2 packs with you: The Mega Pack & The Mini Pack.

The 10 Commandments Activities: Get these printable 10 Commandments Activities to help your kids or Sunday school class learn the 10 Commandments from the Bible.

The 10 Commandments Activities Mini Pack

It features:

Story Sequencing

I love to use this to help kids review the events in the story.  It’s also great practice for cutting and pasting.

10 Commandments Story Sequence Activity

Pattern Practice

My son loves completing patterns.

Exodus Pattern Practice

Letter Focus Sheets

These are helpful for practicing letter formation.  If you want to get some extra use out of these sheets you can laminate them or pop them into a clear page protector and use dry erase markers or crayons.  I use this laminator and it’s basic but it gets the job done.

C is for Commandment

Key Lesson Verse

With each Bible story unit I try to focus in on one key verse to learn with my son.

Exodus 20:20 tracing activity

Snipping Practice & Cutting Practice

10 Commandments cutting

Scissors skills take some time to develop and practice helps.  For little little ones I recommend beginning with plastic scissors and progressing to safety scissors.

Pre-Writing Tracing

For those still working on tracing skills these sheets can be fun.  Try to mix it up- have your child use paint and a paintbrush to trace the lines, or glitter glue.

10 Commandments tracing

Ten Commandments in Kid Language

I love to teach my boys to memorize Scripture verbatim but when teaching them concepts I like to use language that is more on their level.

Ordinal Number Practice

This sheet is great for practicing letter formation and becoming acquainted with ordinal numbers.

10 Commandments tracing

Download the Mini Pack

The Mini Pack is free!  You can get the Mini Pack here.

Want More Activities? Get the Mega Pack

If you want more the Mega Pack is available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

It features:

Commandment Focus Pages

Each commandment has a page that your child can use to focus on each commandment and the ordinal numbers.

10 Commandments tracing activity

Counting Practice

A little activity to practice counting, cutting, and pasting.

10 Commandments counting

Memory Matching Game

Print off the cards, cut them out and then use them to play the memory matching game.  This is something for more advanced preschoolers as it involves matching ordinal numbers with their abbreviation.  You may want to print these two pages on cardstock.

sample ten commandments memory matching 2

Block Letter Spelling

Use alphabet blocks to practice making words.  If you don’t have alphabet blocks there is a sheet of block letters you can cut out and use.  If you want to see this activity in action see this post.

10 Commandments letter activity

Word Puzzles

Cut along the lines and then put together.  These last longer if you print them on cardstock.

10 Commandments puzzles

Lacing Card

Print onto cardstock, laminate, and punch holes where the dots are.  Then use a shoe lace to practice lacing.

10 Commandments lacing

Ten Commandments Hoping Game

Tape the pages down onto the floor like a hopscotch game.  Then have your child play “hopscotch” and review a commandment when he or she lands on it.

sample ten commandments hop 2

Word Tracing

Practice tracing the letters in the words and names featured in The Ten Commandments.  Again, make it fresh by painting the letters, using glitter glue, or laminating and using dry erase markers or crayons.

10 Commandments tracing

Ten Commandments Cut & Paste

Practice putting the ten commandments in order.

sample ten commandments cut and paste 2

You can get the Ten Commandments Mega Pack on Teachers Pay Teachers for $2.

More Bible Activities

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